What’s all this about a koala a day?
March 12, 2008, 6:28 am
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Koala count: Two

Today’s CD of choice: Portishead – Dummy

Okay, I said I’d explain the banner. This is the story. The following was originally written for the wetnoodleposse blog back a year or two ago. Given the subject matter and the book I was writing about, it seemed appropriate to give it another run around the block.

Anyone else out there love omens? Not the scary movie kind, but the meaningless things you can read into events of no real consequence. Or is that just me?

I love a good omen. Last year around April I completed and submitted the book that’s currently on the shelves – The Sheikh’s Convenient Virgin – featuring Sheikh Tajik al Zayed bin Aman (I called him Taj for short).  And as I always do, once I handed in the story, I pretended to be happy while all the while obsessing about all the things the editor was going to find to hate about it.

Anyway, in the midst of all this obsessing, I look for anything that might make me feel more positive. So one day I was in a supermarket stocking up on food wine for a Saturday night out with friends and what did I spy across the checkout that made my insides sizzle? A beer called Taj. I kid you not. In big, bold letters and all the way from India. “It’s a sign!” I declared, without a clue what kind of sign, but immediately adding a bottle to my purchases for luck. Taj beer

The next day there’s a feature in the weekend papers – posh Indian hotels owned by none other than the Taj Group.

Now, they both had to be good omens, right? They must have been, because the book went through with hardly a change and it’s on the shelves right now.

Okay, it’s meaningless and daft but it works for me. Like today being a two koala day, which means it’s going to be a great day. How do I know? Because every day I walk the spoodle and every day I search for koalas high in the gum trees. Sometimes I see maybe one. Then I know it’s a sign that it’s going to be a good day. Two koalas means the day will be even brighter and more productive/fun/exciting (insert your word of choice). A three koala day, that’s just about the pinnacle of the koala richter scale, and you know your day will be the best ever. Four – get thee out and buy a lottery ticket forthwith! And if you don’t see any, well, you know they’re there somewhere, you just didn’t happen to see them.

Daft? Very possibly. Meaningless? I don’t know. You see, spotting those gorgeous furry critters up on high, maybe sometimes with a baby hugging on tight, makes me smile. Sometimes they look down at you, all cute furry face and big fluffy ears. How could you not smile? And if I’ve seen three koalas I carry those smiles through the day. Self-fulfilling prophecy? No doubt. It works for me.

And as long as it does, I’ll keep on looking for my koala a day.

Anyone else out there have their own brand of signs and omens?

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I LOVE good omens (they’re the only kind to have, right?) And yes, I see them everywhere when I’m working on something. Yup. While I’m not so lucky as to see koalas here in Auckland (be lucky if you see the car aiming to mow you down, to be honest, LOL!) omens are out there {cue woo woo music}.

Sending you cool thoughts as you cope through the heatwave, Trish. Say, have you thought about little koala parachutes as a business venture…you know, so they don’t hurt themselves as they fall from the trees in this awful heat?

Comment by yvonnelindsay

Great to know I’m not the only omen queen:-))

And yes, our heatwave is due to end in a day and a half more. After something like 14 days. I’m not sure I want to believe it…

Comment by trishmorey

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