A Sense of Community
March 21, 2008, 7:59 am
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Sue Delaney - Lady of the VinesSue Delaney - Lady of the VinesKoala count:  a three koala day!

Today’s CD of choice: The Best of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

 Last week, in the midst of Adelaide’s great heat wave, I went grape picking for a local vineyard. This is the third year I’ve been out picking their chardonnay grapes and every year it gets better. Not the weather necessarily (this year it was forecast to hit 38 C and it did so, thankfully after we’d finished picking for the day) but for the fabulous sense of community. And for the wine – they do make a decent drop!

This, I figure is how it would be in a rustic Italian village somewhere – in fact, how it must have been done for centuries – the local community all rallying around and pitching in on the day the wine maker says will produce the best fruit and the best sugar levels for the very best wine.the last rowsthe last rows

In spite of the heat wave weather conditions promised, around twenty people turned out to pick the grapes. Neighbours, fellow mums and dads from the local primary school, family and friends all turned out to ensure the grapes were picked on time.  In previous years we’ve even had mothers with new babies, pushing their prams up the hill as they picked, nursing their babies in the shade of the vines when needed.

This year it was scorching hot. It was hard work. But it was fun, catching up with friends, meeting new ones. And when the job was done the boss put on a lunch that made us forget about the hard hot work. Or maybe that was the wine they served with it. They do make a good drop.

Writing is such a solitary business. It’s great to have the opportunity to get out of the house and talk. Talking is great. Listening is great. And if you can do both while helping out a couple of friends (did I tell you they make a decent drop?), then so much the better.


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Trish, are you sure those koalas aren’t just stuffed toys that someone’s shoved in a tree? That’s two three koala days … I’d be very suspicous 😉

The grape picking sounds wonderful. I love a sense of community. When you live in a city everyone gets too busy and life moves too fast sometimes. Everyone is in such a hurry to get places they forget the basics foundations of community. When we go camping (and we tend to go the same time every year) we end up with that similar sense of community as often the same families come each year at the same time and you get to catch up and share fishing tales etc. It’s important to slow down sometimes and just enjoy life and the people around you. And of course, if they make a decent drop all the better!

Comment by yvonnelindsay

LOL Yvonne! There are days when it seems the little blighters are everywhere and others where they’ve disappeared from sight. I struck a couple of good days. Going down shopping today I sighted only one high up on a branch over the road. Lucky they’re not scared of heights!

Your camping trip sounds just the antidote to a busy lifestyle! How great to catch up with your camping friends every year in a relaxed environment. And if they don’t make a good drop, at least you can always share one 🙂

Comment by Trish Morey

Oh, and drat, I had a couple of great pix to add to this blog but for the life of me, couldn’t get them to load. Will try again!

Comment by Trish Morey

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