And the news gets better and better…

Koala count: FOUR!!! It’s a koala party – and no wonder given the news!

Today’s CD of choice: Forget the CD’s – it’s a party tooter kind of day:-))party poppers popping

 In brilliant news from Romance Writers of America overnight, the world learned that not only have Kelly Hunter and Anna Campbell finalled in the RITA, but our very own Anne Gracie too, for her fabulous The Perfect Kiss!

Congratulations Anne!

And the koala count was very timely today – we have a Japanese exchange student for a week and we’d just picked her up from school and were on the way home, and there they were, munching on gum leaves in the branches over the road, climbing up the trunk, or just curled into balls in the forks of the trees.  The first time she’s ever seen koalas! It was a magical moment, and so wonderful to be able to share something of what makes this area so special. And it helped relax her a little too, I think. Must be awfully scary being whisked away by a family you don’t know to goodness knows where.  At least we have fluffy animals to soften the blow:-)

So apart from the small issue of not actually getting any writing done (please don’t tell my editor), it’s been a wonderful day! Hope your day was similarly special.

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I’ve been enjoying your blog. I’ve also been exploring roos, as well as koalas, Barry Crocker, and Matthew McConaughey over at the Rodeo.

Comment by matt

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