Why I love where I live
March 30, 2008, 10:53 am
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 Koala count: 2! And many fairy penguins, thanks to a trip to Victor Harbor to show our exchange student something of our gorgeous coastline and its own special treasures.fairy penguin

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I thought today I’d recycle another of the articles I originally wrote for the wetnoodleposse ezine – to explain a bit more about why I love where I live. 

Cherry orchards, apple trees, vineyards and bushland, my own special spot in South Australia has it all. Norton Summit is a blink of a town a few short kilometres outside the capital city of Adelaide, yet it’s a different world. Whereas the city is situated on the long flat plain stretching north and south between the hills and St. Vincent’s Gulf, Norton Summit is perched at the tip of those hills just to the east.

Follow the winding road up through the valley and suburbia slips away, the air sweetens and million dollar views greet you as you make the steep climb up the escarpment. Take the trip late afternoon and you’ll be rewarded with even more breathtaking views as the valley is bathed in golden red hues as the sun sets over the sea behind.

In pride of place at the top there’s a pub, perhaps uninspiredly yet so appropriately named the Scenic Hotel, with commanding views through the cleft in the bush clad hills, over the city and to the gulf and beyond. The Scenic serves the best seasoned squid in the world, or at least outside that cute little trattoria in Volterra, Tuscany that’s just a tad too far distant for take away. Or try the Scenic Burger, a tower of a burger that will ruin you for chain junk food for life.

Unusually for an Australian town, churches outnumber hotels in Norton Summit. There are two. There’s also a post office agency, a primary school that has almost one hundred enrolments and a cemetery that boasts several hundred more. Don’t waste your time looking for a shop.

Nowhere in South Australia shows the change in seasons to better effect than the Adelaide Hills. Winters are cold and wet, the city below often disappearing beneath the magic white fog that hangs thick and silent over the hills. Perfect writer weather! The whole world dissolves so you can make up your own. Snow makes a rare and brief visit.

Spring sees the blossoming of cherry, apple and pear orchards bursting into life and the winds that whip through the orchards, sending flurries of white petals through the air. Up in the gum trees, old-man Koalas grunt like chainsaws on steroids throughout the day and night, advertising their availability to any passing love interest and causing windows all around the hills to be slammed firmly shut.

Then summer. Summer is hot and dry, picking season full on as trucks weighed down with fresh produce roll their way slowly downhill to the city and the markets and the planes that will take fresh cherries to tropical Christmas lunches in Darwin, Brisbane and beyond. Colourful rosella parrots, the curse of growers and the delight of birdlovers alike,

vie with the pickers for the best fruit while black cockatoos divest the pine trees of cones, firing their detritus down on the unwary below.

And autumn, most beautiful season of them all with still, perfect days and leaves turning every shade from russet through gold. A magic time and nature’s reward between the blowtorch of summer and the winter damp.

It’s a very special corner of the world. Close to the city but a world away.

Can you tell I love it here?

Tell me why you love where you live by posting to my blog and the best judged entry will receive a copy of The #1 Bestsellers Collection, featuring my title, The Italian’s Virgin Bride.

Entries close Sunday April 6th, so make sure you put in your entry. I’m looking forward to hearing about the wonderful places you live!

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Hi Trish,

Just wanted to drop by and say hi, I didn’t realise your blog was up and running or I’d have popped in before. Blogs looking great and I love your koala count defining what sort of day you’re going to have.

All the best,

Comment by Sharon F

I love your blog , I haven’t had time for much reading lately but I certainly will be getting some of your new books.
We live in the Fraser Valley in BC Canada, we have small mountains at the back & front of us which at the moment have quite a bit of snow on them, it should all be gone by now but winter doesn’t want to go away this year. We can grow a type of banana in our garden, a couple of years ago they had some very tiny bananas on them, they didn’t come to anything but at least they tried! I am originally from Kent in England and the area where we live is very similar,(except for the mountains) We are retired & have a boxer dog and she keeps us very active besides working in our garden which is quite large. We came to Australia in the 1990’s & visited friends in Adelaide(Barossa Valley), Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane, we also visited the Great Barrier Reef, what a fantastic country, I would certainly like to make another trip. Keep up the good work Trish.
All the best, Helene

Comment by Helene

I live in the beautiful desert of Arizona, USA where there are unique plants and animals. We have beautiful sunsets because of all of the dust in the air. Arizona is a unique place in that within a 2 hour drive one can go from the desert floor to mile high cities and pine trees. We also have the biggest ditch in the world-the Grand Canyon Lots of Native American tribes and outdoor activities. One drawback is that it gets really hot in the summertime-i think last year we had 82 or more straight days of over 100 degree temps. But the winters are really nice.
Incidentally, you did a really good job on your new website.

Comment by JOY

Trish, I want to visit. It sounds just lovely, especially autumn. I miss the fogs and changing colours, since I’m no longer in a cool climate here on the coast. I have to get a touch of autumn by heading to the hills.

I’m in a beautiful coastal area a couple of hours north of Sydney. We have Lake Macquarie nearby, which is huge, and terrifically relaxing – I love watching the yachts on race day, or sitting over a coffee while taking in the view, or even just walking on its edge. A little further away is the Pacific Coast with endless beaches. Further west are the Watagan Mountains (hills to most people) which are natural reserve – thick bush and glorious. Turn north west and you’ll find the Hunter Valley vineyards which are gorgeous at any time of year. No koalas here but plenty of colourful birds like the vivid King Parrots (so incredibly red and green you can’t quite believe it) and rosellas. Kookaburras usually gather nearby which can be raucous but I love them. Blue Tongue Lizards in the garden too.

Lovely blog, Trish, I’ve started the day well reading this and the other responses.


Comment by Annie West

Sharon! How great you dropped by – thanks for saying hi!

Comment by trishmorey

Hi Helene. BC sounds just magic, I’ve always wanted to go there. How gorgeous to be able to see the snow. I know what you mean about winter hanging on – our summer just gone hung on and on and on. We had a heatwave that’s suddenly turned off and now we’re all shivering! Change will come.

Joy, our heatwave sounds nothing like your heatwave! Phew. Arizona sounds fascinating. Friends of ours traveled through just a few short months ago and we saw their pics – amazing countryside! Glad you like the new website design – I’m really pleased with it.

Hey Annie! Lovely of you to drop by. We had a family holiday once up your way and it is a lovely region with the coast and lake and mountains. Very pretty.

These posts are wonderful. It’s lovely to hear about other gorgeous places and why people love them. Makes me want to travel.

Comment by trishmorey

Hiya Trish

I love where I live because it’s good for my family… my husband works two minutes from home and can come home to taste my gourmet lunches (yeah right), laugh with me and play with my boys for an extra hour every day.

I love where I live because I feel part of a special community. When I walk down the street, people speak to one another. I can’t go shopping quickly, cos I always end up having a conversation in the supermarket aisle.

I love where I live because my mum lives right next door and is often happy to baby sit my boys when I want to write.

I love where I live because we don’t have to have two cars and barely use the one we’ve got.

I’ll stop now… or this’ll be an essay!

Comment by Rach!

Hey Rach! I don’t know where it is that you live, but I’m loving the sense of community, it sounds like my kind of place (and very much like up here). And you’re so lucky to have your mum so close!

Thanks for dropping by!

Comment by trishmorey

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