Winners and Grinners
April 6, 2008, 1:57 am
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Koala count: haven’t set foot outside today yet. The MOTH is making bacon and eggs. Would you go out in that case?

Music: The sound of the extractor fan in the kitchen. While I’m not cooking. Music to my ears!

Daylight saving finished today. Hallelujah! Usually it finishes the end of March. This year, for some daft reason only politicians can make sense of, they thought they’d extend it another week. Which meant my kids leaving for school before dawn, which for where we live is downright madness.  Now I have to use that reclawed hour on my ms. It could do with it.

Yesterday I had my workshop at the SA Writers’ Centre in Adelaide and it was fabulous. Met a great and talented group of women who are very serious about their writing and it was a very productive three hours. We covered so much ground and I really want to thank them all for making my presentation so much fun. It is so good hanging out with writers. I love it! So I have a double reason to be grinning today (triple if you count having brekky made for me:-))

And we have winners today too! I couldn’t choose between your fabulous entries on the “Why I love where I live” blog, so I got two of the tinlids to choose for me. Misses 11 and 17 took their time, read them all a couple of times, stated their reasons and both individually selected Port Macquarie as their favourite entry. So Annie, the #1 Bestsellers collection is yours! Let me know your snail mail addy and I’ll put that in the post for you. But I still want to go to Canada, and Arizona and the great community where Rach lives because it sounds like just my cup of tea.

Brekky calls!

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Trish, ditto on the end of daylight savings – what a relief! And congratulations on having someone else cook brekkie. Go Trish!

Your workshop in Adelaide sounds fantastic. It’s great being with other romance writers and I know first hand that you run a fantastic session so I wish I’d been there. Just a little too far from home though.

Am absolutely gleeful at winning the Bestsellers Collection! That’s a lovely surprise – jam packed with great stories. And I have a brand new bookcase for it. Please thank Misses 11 and 17 for me. That’s so cool! Actually, those other posts just confirmed my need to go travelling elsewhere. Some great places out there just waiting for me… Thanks for starting the discussion.


Comment by Annie West

You are welcome anytime Trish!!!

Oh and my great buddy Bec Sampson went to your workshop and said it ROCKED! We’re both so excited about the RR but I’ll see you in Perth not Adelaide!

Comment by Rach!

Annie, I’ll get that book into the post quick smart. It’s a whopper of a book. Enjoy!

Hey Rach! So that’s where you are – over on the wild (ahem, I mean west!) side. Thanks for the feedback from Bec and so great you’re looking forward to the Roadshow. The first registration rolled in yesterday. It is getting exciting! As soon as the news goes up on the RWAustralia site, I’ll pop up a link.

And if you missed out on a prize this time, there’s still my newsletter contest with three great prizes up for grabs!

Comment by Trish Morey

Errr… Trish don’t you have to go by plane to Canada and Arizona. I’ll just stay here thanks, you can send me some photos. No strings holding those planes up there.

I’ll have to keep my eye out for when the Roadshow makes its way to Sydney. You are coming to Sydney right?

Comment by Sandie Hudson

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