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April 8, 2008, 10:50 am
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Koala count: Didn’t see one on my walk with the mutt this morning, even though I looked and looked and searched those gum trees all around. Clearly there’s a koala conference going on somewhere and I wasn’t invited. Shame! Did see one overhead driving down the hill in the car to the big smoke later on.

CD of choice: We’re going for silence. We have a book to write. The voices in my head – right now they need space:-)

I’m lucky enough to call myself a full-time writer, which is what I do. Write. At least, that’s what I do to get paid for. There’s the other part of me, the mum part (or the mom part, if you come from the US).  This slice of me is probably just as big, if not bigger than the writer part, even though it pays not a cent. (Not in money terms anyhoos.)

Take yesterday. Here is my yesterday’s full time writer’s day (and not so far from a typical day, when it all comes down to it!):-) 

We have a book to finish in three weeks.  School hols start in one. So MOTH decides to have a birthday. happy birthday!

Well, okay, he has it the same date every year and I should have seen it coming, the way I should see Xmas coming and Easter and the end of the school year and all that other stuff that somehow creeps up unawares. And every birthday it’s tradition here that I cook each the birthday person’s favourite meal. And because he’s his gorgeous self and he knew I was on deadline, he said, “don’t go to any trouble. buy something ready made.” Of course. His favourite meal is moussaka, it’s his birthday and so I’m going to get something store bought! I don’t think so!

So while I’m down the road at 11:30 picking up daughter #1 from the bus after uni (yes, I’m a full time writer apparently!) I get the ingredients. While I grab lunch for myself at home, I make the meat sauce. Around 3, before daugher #4 comes home and before the bus run to collect #’s 2 and 3 from the highschool bus, I grill the eggplant and assemble the first two layers.  I have an hour to collect rest of kids, make white sauce and topping and  get to our after school stretch ballet class (and because I spend so much time at the computer, I really need this class!). Perfect timing! And I’ve already done three whole pages. Half of what I need, but after the bus run, there’s time for the white sauce to be made and more.

Cue call from #3 daughter. She missed the school bus home:-(  Panic stations. We make other arrangements that mean she has to catch two different buses and I’ll have to dash down the hill to pick her up from the terminus at another bus stop. Meanwhile I go in other direction to meet daughter #2’s bus. Come home, ready to make white sauce. Except I”m missing one vital ingredient. Head off to shop in next town. Come home, make sauce, cover moussaka, cheese on top. Phew.

Dive down hill to pick up wayward daughter #3. Except she’s not at terminus. First time she’s caught this bus so she got off a few stops early. Now I don’t know where she is! 15 minutes later she’s finally in the car. Get home in time to drop her off, pick up others and get to class. By which time, OMG, I needed that class!

Home finally by 6:30pm. I have four tinlids home. I have hubby home. I have a birthday moussaka constructed and ready to roll. But only three pages of the ms. Frustrating? Yes. Would I change a thing? Nope.

I am so lucky to have a job I love and that is pretty flexible. I am so lucky to have girls who took it upon themselves to make a dessert while I”m at stretch because it’s Dad’s birthday and nobody else could do it. I am lucky as  hell because I have four beautiful daughters and if I only get three pages a day done because of them, so be it. I will make it up and gladly.

Writing full time? I wish. But meanwhile, life is good. MOTH’S birthday dinner was a real celebration, of family and kids and working together and all the things that make life worthwhile.

The book will get done. And meanwhile, life happens!


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Oh Trish, I’m dizzy just reading about your day. Life does have a way of creeping into writing routines… thank goodness you can vary the times when you can write instead of it being a 9-5 job. And Moussaka….yummo!

Comment by Eleni

Thanks Eleni, it’s been a nutty week. Have a feeling someone may be burning the midnight oil any minute…

And yes, pass the moussaka. Just love moussaka. I suspect we should have been Greek:-)

Comment by trishmorey


I’m so glad it’s not just me who’s carefully planned writing days turn into something else completely! Good on you for getting the moussaka done, having all the girls home, some pages done and getting to stretch class!


Comment by Annie West

Lol, good on you Trish for getting it all done. I probably would have given up and not gone to the stretch class. Hope you’re all well and moth had a great birthday.


Comment by Sharon F

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