By all means you can count koalas…
April 28, 2008, 11:44 am
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 …but don’t make the mistake of counting chickens.

 In my last post, I thought we’d escaped the worst of it. We hadn’t. And so all good material for a writer, I got to see how a modern hospital A&E department really works (so not like on the telly!) and got a reminder of how cold my bed is when the dearly beloved isn’t there. Too cold! But he’ll be back soon and on the up and meanwhile, I want to entertain you with some pics of a gorgeous baby koala my mum (a wildlife nurturer) is looking after.

 It had been heard crying way up in a tree for a few days before being discovered wandering along the road, probably abandoned by its mother because her milk had dried up (we’ve just had rain, serious rain and we’re all praying the drought is really over this time!)Steph and baby koala

She’s a total darling, very gentle and happy to be bundled up in a fluffy pink rug and fed gum leaves because she must have been missing the hugs so very much.

koala close up


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Oh, Trish, she’s gorgeous,and it looks as if she’s really smiling! Just like a little soft toy koala I had as a kid–still can’t remember how that turned up in amongst my meagre toy collection.

Hey, now that I think about it, maybe that’s why I always had such a huge imagination. Not enough toys! My parents did me a favour not buying whatever toy was currently flavour of the TV advertising craze at the time. I always had more books than toys.

Comment by yvonnelindsay

Oh Trish. First of all ((((hugs)))). I hope your dearly beloved is recovering quickly. I do so empathise with visiting the A&E department – it’s such a mind-numbing experience.

As for the gorgeous koala – isn’t she the cutest. Looks like she’s posing for the camera. Thank goodness for people like your mum nurturing the wildlife in need.

Comment by Eleni Kontantine

Thanks Eleni, the MOTH is now back home and on the road to recovery and we are all very happy:-))

And that koala is just so cute. Yvonne, I still have my little toy koala that was my favourite. I remember crying my eyes out when my dog pinched it off my pillow and chewed off the leather claws. Devastating at the time. Isn’t it funny, the memories that stick in your head?

Comment by trishmorey


So glad to hear MOTH is home and improving. A&E departments are so very scary. Not a place you want to be. More positive vibes coming your way.

Thanks for the koala pic. She’s gorgeous. Someone at my gym is a wildlife rescuer and we raised money for a pin in one joey’s leg, and now have pics of little kangaroos and possums on the wall to enjoy.

Like you I had a little koala that was my absolute fave!


Comment by Annie West

I’ve been enjoying your blog. I’ve also been exploring roos, as well as koalas, Barry Crocker, and Matthew McConaughey over at the Rodeo.

Comment by matt

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