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May 4, 2008, 3:52 am
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Koalas sighted: Zip

CD of the Day: Muse – Black Holes and Revelations

I’m in love. And it’s all down to a friend, Joni, who sent me a scan of my August book cover – already out to Direct customers in NA. Thank you Joni! And here it is…

The Italian Boss\'s Mistress of Revenge

If I could work out how to put a border around it, I would, but unfortunately I’m still a novice at this WordPress thing. Anyway, I’m sure you can understand why I love it so much. Like titles, authors don’t have a lot (if any) input into covers, so it’s fantastic when they get it absolutely right. Thank you cover gods!

And in other cover news this week, my all time favourite cover is getting another run around the block – this time on fellow Presents author Kate Walker’s fabulous Alcolar Family Trilogy reprint! Check it out…


Alcolar Trilogy

Doesn’t it look fabulous! Of course, it’s the same cover shot from my A Virgin for the Taking. A truly gorgeous cover that deserved another day out and I’m thrilled to bits it’s wrapped around Kate’s fabulous trilogy.

And in other fabulous news, the MOTH continues to do well. Saturday night without a run to A&E was truly a very good thing. And now that he’s on the mend again, it’s time to turn my thoughts back to my wip! I have an extension, so might be quiet for a week or so. Be good!

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So sorry to hear the MOTH had to be in A&E but glad he’s on the mend. Good luck with the wip and look after yourself.


Comment by Sharon F


Recycled cover…still gorgeous!

News about the MOTH…unequalled! 🙂

Now get to work woman!

Comment by Yvonne Lindsay

Hi Trish

Isn’t it great to be ‘under the covers’ together ? Well – under one of them! I laughed out loud when I saw your cover on my trilogy – couldn’t think of anyone I’d like to share with more.

So so glad to hear the better news about MOTH – I hope to meet him later this year



Comment by Kate Walker

Thanks so much Sharon! He’s looking so much better this week, but I’m not going counting any chickens again. Despite years spent working as an accountant, apparently I can’t add up.

You’re right, Yvonne, it’s the best news of all. Though I do love both the covers too. LOL.

Kate, how lovely to have you drop by! “Under the covers” together? You cheeky thing you!:-) And yes, we’re all so looking forward to later on this year with our big “seizing the moment” trip coming up. Will be so lovely introducing the MOTH to both you and the BM. And blow me down if it isn’t May already! We’ll be there before you know it:-)

Comment by trishmorey

Hi Trishy,

give my love to G. Hope you are really coping as well as you write that you are. Just remember that you deserve being looked after as well!!

I miss those morning walks looking for koalas.

love Toni

Comment by Toni

Lovely covers and lovely news about the lovely G. Remember to be kind to yourself too Mme Morey – it’s important to the family too.

Hugs all round from Fran

Comment by Fran

Hey Toni! Great to see my big Sis here!

I am planning a big look after me fest – this coming Mother’s Day. Have asked for something special this year – a day without being bothered as I have to finish the $*#%% book. And luckily G’s still in quarantine, so I have the perfect excuse to go nowhere:-))

And yes, those koalas have been asking after you…

Comment by Trish Morey

Hi Fran! Thanks for the hugs. And thanks to you and everyone else for being concerned about me! I really appreciate it.

Right now I’m super chuffed that everything is going in the right direction and that gives me energy to burn, and makes me realise how much I was burning up before just worrying.

A pity it doesn’t burn up calories the same way:-(

Thanks again, Fran,


Comment by Trish Morey

Trish, the cover is lovely, but even more magnificent is the news about MOTH.



Comment by Annie West

Yes, the cover definitely needs a border. Now my daughter could do something like that but not me. Happy Mother’s Day.

Comment by Jane Squires

LOL Jane. My girls could do the same too, must ask them. Meanwhile I’ve nabbed the cover for my website and hopefully it’s a bit clearer and has a lovely border to boot:-)

And too true Annie. Day by day the news gets better. I know you’ll understand that it’s just so lovely when something like this is behind you and things are on the up.

Hope everyone had a lovely Mother’s Day. My tribe cooked me breakfast (well, more like brunch), pancake afternoon tea (after long walk, thereby canceling benefits of lovely long walk:) and gorgeous dinner while letting me write. A perfect writer mum’s deadline holiday:-)

Comment by trishmorey

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