It’s been ages!
May 29, 2008, 11:11 am
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Koalas spotted: One, yesterday while out walking. (Today was my stretch class and not a one sighted) I think they’ve all gone north for the winter:-))

Music of choice: Grease – the local high school is doing it for their drama production. I was transporting kids from our primary school – didn’t stay – honking cold – but the bits I heard were great!

The Italian Boss\'s Mistress of Revenge

It’s been a funny old few days. Sorry for not posting but time just got away. The book that wouldn’t end found itself an ending and I got it away a week ago at around 10pm or so. Felt heartsick sending it because it still needed so much work and I just didn’t have time, so I sent it with a list of revisions I plan to do. The first time I have ever sent off a manuscript with a list of revisions! LOL. Normally I hope it will come back with none. This time I cannot imagine how long the list will be when the editor adds hers.

Assuming they want it.  (That’s the  bright side. We won’t go near the other…)

So why so urgent to get it off? Because Friday at 11am I boarded plane and choofed off to Perth to meet up with Anne Gracie and Marion Lennox for the second in our inaugural series of RWAustralia Romance Roadshows. And from the moment I touched down in Perth it was non stop. Meeting with the hotel staff to ensure the space was ready, a trip out to “Temptation, the Romance Bookstore” in Subiaco to meet Kristina and Veronika and then goody bag stuffing out in Fremantle with Lesley, who handled everything in Perth for the Roadshows, from finding us the hotel, to offering her address for the sending of masses of author and publisher goodies. It was a fun night, the bags were well and truly stuffed and the food was great – thanks Lesley!

And Saturday was such a blast. Adelaide the week before was a success but Perth was twice as big and the vibe was great. Thanks everyone for coming and making it so successful, and thanks for making us all so welcome. The feedback has been really positive and I know RWAustralia is going to be back before too long.

Meanwhile I’ve been catching cold. What is it about suddenly stopping after a truck load of deadlines that every bug in the universe catches up with you? So my relaxation has turned into tissue time.

Bright points of the week – between the nose blowing – the arrival of my pinks for The Italian Boss’ s Mistress of Revenge! It’s not just a cover now, it’s a real book and I love this one because I actually got my gorgeous Adelaide Hills into it. Okay, I got the foggy part into it, but still, it’s a start:-)) The UK cover is also just up on and is the blue one up high, out in September over there (and bonus – I’ll be there in September to see it on the UK shelves – very exciting!)

Her Latin Lover

Second gorgeous thing – I’ve just found the cover for “Her Latin Lover” – an anthology with fellow Presents authors, Lucy Monroe and Melanie Milburne.  My contribution is called “Back in the Spaniard’s Bed” and I love this story, set largely in Caloundra, Queensland. It was a lot of fun to both research and write, and it’s out in August this year in the UK! Hopefully to be published in the US and Australia soon.  So stay tuned.

Personally I like the cover for The Italian Boss’s Mistress of Revenge better than the one for the anthology, which just looks a bit grim to me. But maybe it’s just me.

What do you think?


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Hey Trish…

Just wanted to say Thanks Again for an awesome day last Saturday! I’m still on a high…


Comment by Rach!

Thanks RACH!! I’m so glad it was worthwhile. And your post reminded me I’d meant to put in a link to your blog about the day – you can find it here –

Thanks for coming! I can’t believe it was a week ago now I was in Perth. All that planning and over in a flash. Not fair!

Comment by trishmorey

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