After the wave – AKA the collapse in a heap stage
June 14, 2008, 8:33 am
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Koalas spotted – 2 yesterday, first I’ve seen for ages on my walk but making up for it by minding ma and pa kettle’s (aka “the folks”) kangaroos, chooks and possum for a few days.

Music of choice – Nick Cave – Into My Arms. Was telling some friends about the most wonderful lyrics and have been listening to the album, The Boatman’s Call again and again. Lovely.

Yes, revisions are done, the book is in and I’m feeling way more relaxed than last week.  There’s not actually a whole lot more to report than that, seeing that fixing the sodding thing took me most of the week and I don’t think I actually noticed anything else.

Oh, except the US copies of The Italian Boss’s Mistress of Revenge did appear on my doorstep! I do love that cover.

Did anything else happen this week? If so, please let me know by commenting below.  One of the entries will win a signed sneak peek copy of this upcoming release!

Look forward to being filled in on what I missed!

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Great going with finishing the book Trish. And glad you love your US covers. Phew!

News – the Bootcampers have started a blog at
And I’m going very very slowly with the 50K/30Day challenge ( *sigh*

Comment by Eleni Kontantine

Oh no – my comment got gobbled up – howz that for news, Trish!! 🙂 Congrats on finishing the book and loving your US covers,. Yay!
Other news – Bootcampers have started a blog – And I’m chugging along slowly with the 50KsIn30Days challenge (

Comment by Eleni Kontantine

Trish, I hope you’re enjoying your well earned break after the revisions. I’ve only just caught up with your stages of revisions post and can only nod in agreement. It’s such a relief to finally get them done and in, isn’t it?

Wish I could fill you in on news – I seem to have been out of circulation too. I’m currently waiting to hear about by own ms and, like you, I’ve just received my next book (hardcovers of The Desert King’s Pregnant Bride). Isn’t it a thrill when those packages arrive? In this case it was the first time I’d seen the cover. Ooh, I’ve just checked out the cover of your Italian Boss’s Mistress of Revenge and see what you mean – very nice indeed!

Good luck with your next koala count!


Comment by Annie West

Thanks Annie! I wandered off to find your cover the The Desert King’s Pregnant Bride to find nothing on your website. 😦 Please post it and let me know when you do.

And from where I’m standing, new book babies is great news:-))

Comment by trishmorey

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