Happy Anniversary to Me!
June 18, 2008, 4:28 am
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Break out the party poppers, the blow ticklers and party tooters! It’s party time!

And the reason why? Nope, it’s not still my birthday. I haven’t just won the lottery and I haven’t had wonderful news back on my revised manuscript (yet – we’re still biting our nails in that department.)

No, it’s a red letter day for an entirely different reason – it’s my 5th anniversary of the call! Five years ago today,  I sold my first manuscript to Mills & Boon at 6:32pm. (You can read more about my call story here) So what’s different now, five years after the call? A few things.

.   The day job has gone – no more financial management for me! (just don’t let my hubby hear me say that:-))

.   I get to work at home in my ugg boots and trackie dacks and other glamorous items of clothing that writers wear that look nothing like feather boas (anyone for cottontails?:-))

.   I am on first  name terms with both the refrigerator and the pantry, and know the barcodes of every single item inside. (What do you mean, that’s not a good thing?)

.   And I have more friends than ever before. If ever you ask a romance writer what the best thing about being a romance writer is, I’d say nine times out of ten they’re going to say the friends they’ve made along the way, the friends, both writers and readers, who they cherish and who have supported them in good times and bad, or slipped them a “I love your latest book” email just when they’re struggling with the next and needed it most, the friends they do their damndest to shore up for when things get tricky for them.

Oh yeah, the writing and creating and seeing your books on the shelf and getting translations through the post – that’s all good too.

But it’s the friends who make this gig so worthwhile. And I say thanks to every single one of you out there, my writing friends, my reader friends, wherever you are in the world. And help yourself to a piece of cake:-)


Happy Anniversary cake


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Is it nearly five years since we celebrated your joining the family of M&B authors by throwing wine at each other in New York? It seems like you’ve been part of my life for ever (and I mean that in the nicest possible way!)

I totally agree with you about the friends that you make in the romance community. Can’t wait to see you again in SF and London – but let’s try to keep the wine in the glasses this time, hmm?

Hugs of congratulation


Comment by Kate Walker

Hey Trish

Congrats on the anniversary. I’m sure you had a glass of bubbles tonight to celebrate.


Comment by Nicki

Dear Kate, it’s way too long since we had a chance to spill wine over each other. Let’s make that the number one goal for San Fran though, actually keeping wine in glasses – at least until we get a chance to drink it:-)

Five years though since New York – who would have thought it?

Comment by trishmorey

Hey Nicki,did you have a spy cam operating at our local writers meeting tonight? Because I did have a glass of bubbles to celebrate my publishing birthday. 🙂

We had a great meeting, very upbeat, and it was a lovely way to celebrate my 5th anniversary, with other writers who love nothing better than talking writing and what’s happening in the world of romance.

Isn’t it great getting together with other writers? I just love it.

Comment by trishmorey

Belated Happy Anniversary! Well worth celebrating the call anniversary. Mmmm, thanks for the cake too 🙂

Comment by Sussan Marz

Coming in late… but HUGE congratulations on such an exciting milestone!

Comment by Rachael Blair

Thank you Sussan! Lovely of you to drop by. Have a spot of bubbly to go with that cake. I have more good news – must go write next blog!

Comment by trishmorey

Hey RACH, great to see you here. More bubbles, please waiter – more good news and good friends to celebrate!

Comment by trishmorey

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