From Israel with love…

One thing I love, love, love to pieces about being a Harlequin author is that our books are published in so many countries in so many languages around the world. It is always a thrill to find a new package waiting at the post office, a new translation, maybe a new language. At last count I think I was up to being published in something like 29 countries in 20 languages in places as far flung as Korea, Lithuania and India. Some feature the same cover pic, some different. The titles too, they fiddle with.  Spanish feature some of the most romantic (not that I really am an authority on what the others actually mean, but Spanish I at least plug into a translation site and so far, I like what I see:-))

Last blog, I promised you a peek at some of the covers from my Hebrew translations, so here goes. Just prepare yourselves, because a couple of these might come as a bit of a shock…

Here’s the first I received from Israel, a transation of For Revenge…Or Pleasure? and it’s nothing very remarkable, featuring a scaled down snapshot of the UK cover on the front and pretty dull covers. Nothing too exciting about this one (aside from the fact I was astounded to be published in Israel – romance truly is universal).                                             

For Revenge...Or Pleasure?

After something so sedate, imagine my surprise then, when this one lobbed into my post office box…

The Broome book

This is a translation of A Virgin for the Taking – the Broome book, which probably had my most favourite cover ever  – see below right-

The Pearl Master\'s Mistress

So what happened? Something definitely got lost in translation:-)

Why is the woman on the cover at left (almost) wearing a tiny bolero jacket (and one presumes, not a lot more) and what the dickens is that thing on her head that they’ve done with her hair?

And if anyone can read Hebrew, please, I’d love to know how the title translates.

This is the book I called The Pearl Master’s Mistress, a book published as A Virgin for the Taking. In Spain it was published as Amor y perlas – Love and Pearls (so romantic!).  I’m wondering if in Israel they called it The Girl with the Hairdresser on Crack, but maybe that’s just me.

And just when I thought it was safe to go back to the post office, along comes another doozy.

Truly, I love my translations but something about these covers stops me in my tracks. The heavy makeup, the amazing clothes (dreamcatchers are in – although in this case we can probably call them nipple catchers).

Anyone hazard a guess as to which book this one is supposed to be translated from?



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Wow Trish – how cool is that. Though there is something lost with such a vast differences in the covers. Congrats!

Comment by Eleni Konstantine

Aren’t they amazing, Eleni? I do love them, but maybe a lot because they just seem so bizarre. I’m still trying to work out the dark disk on her head. A crop circle? It can’t be what I think it is, surely?

Comment by trishmorey

Trish, could it be ‘The Greek’s Virgin’? After all, there’s the boat and the water – looks vaguely Greek I suppose.

As the the woman in the Bolero – are you sure you didn’t write a book called The Extra Terrestrial Sex Slave?

(who’s just jealous because she hasn’t got a Hebrew translation yet)

Comment by Annie West

Annie, hang in there, I’m sure your first Hebrew translation must be just around the corner. Deal is you have to share – okay?:-)

BTW, spot on with The Greek’s Virgin! And I meant to post before but forgot, you’re the winner of the copy of The Italian Boss’s Mistress of Revenge! I’ll be sending that out shortly, so don’t shift that dial:-))

Comment by trishmorey

Annie, you’ll love The Italian Boss’s Mistress of Revenge! It’s an awesome story. Another brilliant job, Trish!

I’m sitting here shaking my head over those covers…especially the ET Sex Slave one 😀

Comment by yvonnelindsay

Hi Trish

Congrats on your books being available in Israel 🙂 although I’m still rolling my eyes at the yellow cover – hmmm!

A friend has translated the titles –

1. Mysterious Romance
2. Modesty for Sale
3. The Innocent Greek

Cheers, Joanne 🙂

Comment by Joanne

Joanne, you and your friend are stars! I’m going to post these covers and their translated titles again, because they’re just so gorgeous.

Thanks so much to you both. Please email me and I will send you both a book of your choice from my collection – in either English or Hebrew, where available!

Comment by Trish Morey

Trish, sorry to be late coming in here. I’ve been otherwise engaged (ie. trying very hard not to spend time on the net). Can I just say YAAAAAAAAY! I’ve won a Trish Morey edition? Yay! Now that’s fantastic. Thank you.

As for a Hebrew edition – I’m all agog to see if one eventuates. Am still shaking my head at your ‘Modesty for Sale’ cover.


Comment by Annie West

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