The News from Procrastination Central…
July 7, 2008, 7:27 am
Filed under: Writing life

If necessity is the mother of invention, what is a deadline?

I have a book due at the end of August. I’m off to San Francisco for ten days in less than 3. I have the Aussie conference in Melbourne, coincidentally, at the end of August. And #1 daughter just informed me that yesterday it was only two months till our big overseas adventure.

So what is a deadline the mother of? Let me count the ways…

A deadline is the mother of panic.






Urgency, and hopefully,


A deadline should spell the death of procrastination, you’d reckon? So what happens today? It’s school holidays and the girls are watching DVD’s (it’s freezing outside and wet, so I take their point) and I stop in to see what they’re laughing at. It’s Coupling, that fabulous British series. I stopped in for a look, just one look, and ended up watching two entire programmes and laughing my head off. Then we repaired to the kitchen where we made and then devoured home made sausage rolls.

All in all, a perfect winter’s day.

And hey, what’s the problem? Tomorrow there will be even more reason to panic…


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