Those Hebrew Titles…
July 10, 2008, 1:11 pm
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A couple of posts ago I posted my Hebrew covers, wondering about how the titles translated.  Well, a big thanks to Joanne who posted translations and  here they are, with the covers again, just to remind you how romantic these stories and titles are…

For Revenge...Or Pleasure?

For Revenge...Or Pleasure?

 Here we go, this is the Hebrew Cover of For Revenge…Or Pleasure?

Which in Hebrew actually becomes…

Mysterious Romance.

Which it probably was. I love the title!



The Broome book
The Broome book

So then we have this number… (and while I have to admit yellow is my favourite colour, I’m not entirely sure I had this concept in mind at the time I actually made that decision.

But it’s all good. Because this was the title for my gorgeous Broome book, originally titled A Virgin for the Taking.
And here’s the translation…
Modesty for Sale
Well, that kind of fitted with the original title, but I’m still  not sure about the cover pic.  Modesty? Maybe I’m missing something there? But I still love the title.
And here’s the final one…
 Oh yes, Annie West picked the background as Greek and she was right. This book was orginally published as “the Greek’s Virgin”.
Translated into Hebrew it became
The Innocent Greek
It’s an interesting interpretation of the title.
And I have to say it’s just wonderful to have an inkling as to how these titles translate and how titles work in other markets around the world.
Thanks so much Joanne and your friend  for your help with these titles. A book of your choice is waiting for you to claim as soon as you drop me a line to  my email addy.

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Thanks Trish *blush*

I’ve emailed you

Cheers, Joanne 🙂

Comment by Joanne

Trish, thanks for posting the titles. It’s fascinating to read the translations.

Just read your post on procrastination too. I can commisserate. And ‘Coupling’ is such a great way to be distracted. It’s available on DVD? Now that IS a distraction. Trying to write through school hols is pretty hard. Am having similar difficulties here.

Hope you make lots of progress over the weekend!


Comment by Annie West

Thank you, Joanne! It’s so lovely to know the titles.

Your book will be winging its way to you early next week. Stay tuned:-)

Comment by trishmorey

You love Coupling too, Annie? Isn’t it a brilliant show. And yes, it is available on DVD and it is hugely worth having. At least if I’m going to be distracted during school holidays, it’s not a bad way to go.

And your book will be winging your way shortly too!

Comment by trishmorey

Very nice!!

Comment by Jassydip

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