On the road again…

Just can’t wait to get on that road again…

Happy Anniversary cake

Yup, the moreymob is off on another exciting road trip, this time to rural Victoria to celebrate the MOTH’s father’s 80th birthday. Happy birthday Umpa!  

Our family is really blessed in that both sets of the kids’ grandparents are alive and kicking, and birthdays are a great chance to get together and celebrate. It’s great for the girls to connect with their cousins and it’s great to catch up with what everyone is doing.

So today is get organised day.  I took the mutt for a quick walk around the block this morning, before dropping her off at friends, but not a koala to be seen. It’s so cold and windy here and our wood burner is going overtime. I suspect the koalas are all hunkered down against the biting wind. 

It’s going to be a very quick trip this weekend, and then next week it’s time to get ready for the big trip to RWANationals in San Francisco. It’s kind of  hard to focus on the wip with all this travel on the horizon, doubly so because it’s still school holidays here and it’s very hard to think romantic thoughts when the house is full of chat and laughter and replays of Scrubs and Coupling. But it’s a blessing to have a house filled with chat and laughter too, so the book will just have to wait.

Had a lovely surprise email this morning from my fellow Presents author and great mate, Jennie Lucas, who informed me that The Italian Boss’s Mistress of Revenge was the #1eHarlequin bestseller! Thank you Jennie! Jennie and I are shelfmates this August in North America, as her Caretti’s Forced Bride is out too and was hot on the heels of my Italian Boss. It’s great to be in such good company, and you’re always in good company in the Presents line up, but Jennie is extra special being a fellow wetnoodleposse gal and Golden Heart finalist from 2003. We’re actually blogging together about our August releases and on what makes Italian heroes so appealing on August 5th over at the romance bandits blog site which will be great fun (I’ll be just off the plane, home from Nationals, so I hope I’m awake enough to make sense, but with Jennie, it is sure to be great fun!) So watch out for that one!

I’ll catch up with you all next week, no doubt from the midst of packing hell and trying to discover just how many pairs of shoes is too many.  Have a fabulous weekend, wherever you are in the world. Look after yourselves and cherish your families. And read a jolly good book when you’re not giving them all a hug. Enjoy!

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