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August 25, 2008, 9:53 am
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Just returned today from the Melbourne RWAustralia conference, a simply awesome Aussie conference and the best ever! I would love to show you some pics, but as I was MC for the weekend, I didn’t take a single one! Nuts.

Mind you, people around me were snap happy, but until I get copied a few, here’s something to keep you amused. A packet arrived while I was away, another of those little padded envelopes that arrives unexpectedly and mean one of my books has been released into another country. This packet contained my latest Hebrew translation, and if you’ve seen my posts on these covers before, you’ll be mentally preparing yourself for the worst!

This one’s pretty good – at least the heroine has good hair (and if you’ve seen that other post, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about:-))

So here it is – in all its unbridled glory. 


Am a bit worried about the hero being cross eyed, though the MOTH thinks he’s just worried about the heroine’s teeth and where they’re likely to strike next. Also quite bemused by the heroine’s colouring – only because I’m certain I haven’t written an Afro-American heroine yet:-)

But maybe covers are more literal than I thought? If you can tell me which of my books this one is translated from, I’ll send you a book of your choice from my Presents/Modern/Sexy releases.

Meanwhile am hoping to get back into the koala count tomorrow. Arrived back in Adelaide to see the sun shining at last and the pooch is looking forward to a long walk tomorrow.


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Trish, I’m still on the ground after falling off chair. Brilliant cover, love it! Those cross eyes just say it all don’t they??!
x Daisy/Abby

Comment by daisy

Hi Trish, just wanted to let you know, I saw the cover from The Greek’s Virgin being used again on ” Accidental Princess” from Silhouette Special Edition for October 08. I can see why though the dress and setting is spectacular.

Comment by Avi J

Thanks Abby, it’s great isn’t it! I never know what to expect from our Hebrew marketing department. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in their cover meetings. Of course, I wouldn’t understand a word – lol.

Comment by trishmorey

Hey Avi! Good spotting. Hqn frequently recycle covers. Accidental Princess is a good title – it fits!

Comment by trishmorey

Hi Trish, I’ve Translated the title of the book. “Wedding ring on probation” is what טבעת נישואים על תנאי means. I did a little research about this topic and I think the book is “Forced Wife, Royal Love-Child” I’m not sure, but I think this is the original title. x Nádia Alves

Comment by Nádia Miranda Alves

Wow, thank you Nadia, much appreciated! I love the sound of Wedding Ring on Probation, that sounds right!

Best wishes,


Comment by trishmorey

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