the journey – day 1
September 6, 2008, 6:26 pm
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This is  bit of a test run – testing  out the  new baby computer with the Kuala Lumpur International airport wifi, and so far so good. Only problem is, after 5 hours here in transit, we’re all a bit over KLI. Fortunately for us, the flight to Doha and London boards in 25 minutes. Then it’s only a cool 15.5 hours to go. Sleep is looking a mighty attractive option, at least for the next leg.

Here’s hoping!

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Yay, the baby computer works well. Happy travels, Trish and mob!Hope you got that sleep you needed on the flight to London!

Comment by yvonnelindsay

Hmmm, odd, I posted yesterday, I think it was, and my comment seems to have disappeared into the ether. Anyway, glad to hear your baby computer is working well, Trish, and I hope you and the mob managed to get a great rest on board the plane for the leg to London. You’ll be there by now, no doubt, and I sure hope your weather is better than what’s just hit New Zealand 🙂

Comment by yvonnelindsay

Hi yvonne! We are here safely and feeling good. It’s great to be back after so many years!

Mild weather since we arrived, but it’s drizzling now. hope you’re surviving yours!

Comment by trishmorey

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