greetings from the land of skate knobs
September 9, 2008, 8:11 am
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The moreymob touched down in London Heathrow right on schedule and now we’ve had a couple of sleeps to recover and definitely feeling human again.  Checked out the local WHSmith to find copies of two of my books on the shelves – The Italian Boss’s Mistress of Revenge and my novella, Back in the Spaniard’s Bed, in the Her Latin Lover anthology, on the shelves. Most exciting!

Spent a lovely day down at Southend-on-Sea yesterday visiting an old cousin of mum’s. Gladys is 101 years old and bright as a button. We had a great day including fish and chips at Oldhams, the best chippy in the district apparently, and our cod and chips attested to that. Girls were intrigued by the menu which included a few different things – one of them being skate knobs. Couldn’t resist asking. They’re skate cheeks apparently and very much like a  softer flesh, not unlike scallops. Will definitely have to give them a try next time.

Meanwhile we’re off today for a few days touring around Bath and Chester, revisiting some favourite places, so I may not be able to post in the next few days. Take care!

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Glad you are enjoying Blighty! Sorry the weather is so bad.

Comment by Biddy

Hmmm, skate knobs? Sounds gastronomically intriguing. 😀

Have fun with the touring. Sounds like you’re having a great time so far.

Comment by Yvonne Lindsay

BTW, photos. We want photos! 😀

Comment by Yvonne Lindsay

You are on your own my friends with the skate knobs. I will stick to the cod and chips! Looking forward to hearing about more gastronomic delights.


Comment by Bronwyn Jameson

Hey Trish, didn’t get a chance to say before you left, but have a great holiday, relax and enjoy. Hope you got your book finished and sent off before you left.


Comment by Sharon F

Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip – enjoy!

Cheers, Joanne 🙂

Comment by Joanne

Hi All, from Bath! Currently in internet cafe, very brief post to say thanks for dropping by. |have some great pics – especially of us getting blown away at Stonehenge. Very funny day. The girls do a very good impression of the wiggles in their coloured ponchos. Stay tuned:-))

Today we head to Chester. Fun!

Comment by Anonymous

Ooh, anonymous at last:-))

That was me, incognito.


Comment by Trish morey

So glad you’re here safe – sorry about the weathr though!

See you soon. love Kate

Comment by Kate Walker

Are these “cheek’s butt cheeks or face cheeks?
I assume a skate is some sort of fish we don’t get here in the subtropics? Or is it half of a skate-boarder?
Have fun and photos yes, please!

Comment by CC Coburn

CC, I think we’re talking face cheeks, otherwise you’ve just put me off my din dins:-(

Thanks all for dropping by. Internet access has been a bit difficult to come by. New post and hopefully photos coming right up!

Trish, currently enjoying rural Hertfordshire

Comment by trishmorey

Ooh, and cc, skates are a kind of flat fish, two eyes, and cheeks apparently, up:-))

Comment by trishmorey

Trish, rural Hertfordshire is setting of my next book. Expect to be quizzed! Am looking forward to seeing yr Stonehenge pics. Love to all yr Wiggles,

Comment by Bronwyn Jameson

Ím your gal, Bron! Ask away.

And check out my latest post for the wigglets in action:-))


Comment by trishmorey

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