A room with a view
September 15, 2008, 7:23 pm
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After  a few days motoring around the countryside, we’ve lobbed back with friends at Harpenden before we head to London tomorrow. Be a shame to leave really, given the view from our upstairs bathroom. I could look at it all day.  Here it is..


the view across the rooftops

the view across the rooftops

And apart from a wild and windy experience at Stonehenge,the weather in the UK has been wonderful during our visit. Mild, even sunny at times, and brilliant for travelling. Bath was wonderful. Chester and north Wales just fabulous. Conwy Castle was absolutely fantastic – don’t miss it if you’re in north Wales!  And everywhere we’ve been, people have been so welcoming and friendly. And that’s not just the people we’re visiting who we’re related to! Bonus!

Seriously, we’ve been treated to the best the UK can offer, and we’re wondering why it’s taken this long to get back.It sure won’t  be so long next time.

But one other thing that I will always treasure about this trip is that I have two books on the shelves as I visit – the Italian Boss’s Mistress of Revenge and The Spaniard’s Blackmailed Bride, in the Her Latin Lover anthology. Here’s a pic of the shelves of one of them in the local WHSmith – (the other had sold out!)

The Italian Boss etc

The Italian Boss etc

Tomorrow we’re off to London for a few days.  See you soon.

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Oooh, sounds like you guys are having a wonderful trip. Excellent. Any inspirational moments yet, Trish, or are you saving them for the Med? Love the bathroom view, btw, won’t ask how long you spent in there… 😉

Comment by yvonnelindsay

Hey, Trish, fab that you’re doing this blog. Are you sure those skate-knobs aren’t anything like what Americans call “prairie oysters?”

 <q cite=”Conwy Castle was absolutely fantastic – don’t miss it if you’re in north Wales!”

Trish, I love Conwy Castle. My oldest friend’s mother came from North Wales, and one year when I was travelling o/s, the mum was back there for a visit with the rellies and insisted I join up with her. Was weird travelling with your deputy mum, but also fab..
A cousin worked as a guide at Conwy Castle and was an avid collector of dumb tourist comments and questions.
The question of the month when I was there was from someone who really lovvvved the castle, but wanted to know why they’d built it so close to the railway line….

Comment by Anne Gracie

Ahahahahahahahaaaa! So close to the railway line. OMG, you have me in stitches, Anne! 😀 😀

Comment by yvonnelindsay

Hmm, I think Trish is having altogether too wonderful a time to be posting new blogs 8).

Hope you had a lovely time at the AMBA celebrations!

Comment by yvonnelindsay

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