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September 21, 2008, 11:02 pm
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A very quick post tonght as we were very late back from a Disneyland Paris weekend and we’re all flagging after being Space Mountained out. And that was after a fabulous four days exploring London. Our trip on Eurostar went without incident (happily!), so things are getting back to normal there.

And the weather has been fantastic! We have been blesssed with the most wonderful sunny days for our London/Disneyland Paris part of our journey. Which kind of makes up for the Stonehenge experience where we got blown inside out – here’s the girls in their ponchos doing a wet and windy wiggles impression…

stonehenge unhnged

No time to download new photos now, but as we’re heading into Paris tomorrow, I expect to have loads more before I catch up. But before I go, let me leave you with one of my Bath piccies. Remember I posted recently about Shepparton, Victoria’s mooovable art? Well, Bath features piggy art. Here’s a sample…

bath piggy 1

Bath piggy art

And quelle surprise… I spotted two koalas today – both of them clinging onto a tree in the “It’s a Small World”” ride and both of them fake, but they were cute and a lovely reminder of home!

Take care till next time!

Trish, on the road in France

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Trust you to find a koala a day in Paris! 8)

Comment by yvonnelindsay

So envious of you being in France, Trish.


Comment by Sharon F

Thanks for dropping by, Yvonne and Sharon, it’s hard to believe we’re actually here, and by the time we do, we’ll have moved on. Paris was cooler today – apparently 17Cwith showers tomorrow, so lucky we’re moving on to warmer climes. A very acceptable 23C in Rome. will be sad to say goodbye to Paris but we’ve had a brilliant stay.
Made it all the way to the second level of the Eiffel Tower today. That’s a whole level higher than last time – and definitely my limit!

Comment by trishmorey

Trish, am with you on the heights thing but you can see sooooo much even from the 2nd level, right? Plus, wow, the queues to go higher!!!! Hope you’re now having fun doing as the Romans do!

Comment by Bronwyn Jameson

Also meant to say, LOVE the Stonehenge pic of your gorgeous girls.


Comment by Bronwyn Jameson

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