Day 30… Santorini
October 5, 2008, 1:54 pm
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And I couldn’t think of a nicer spot to spend day 30 of any vacation:-)) Santorini is gorgeous, as those earlier photos attest.  Our bus trip to Oia was fun, the scenery along the way amazing and I don’t know how many phoos of glorious blue domed white churches we took, but the camera battery is flat again, so that might give you some idea:-)) I’ll post some of those later. but first, I’m going to backtrack a bit, to Heraklion, our previous stop, where we kept meeting other Aussies. Now Australians make great travelers, it’s true. We’re used to traveling long distances because we have to to get anywhere, even within our wide brown land. But we never expected to meet so many far flung fellow travelers! At the hotel we encountered a party of 35 Aussie students and their teachers from Newcastle (why did I never have a school excursion to Crete?) and it was amazing to hear so many Aussie accents again.

But three Aussies I managed to spot weren’t actually in the hotel – they were adorning the racks of the bookshop downstairs – and they happen to be three of my favourite authors – here’s the two I spotted first –


Lovely to see Carol and Marion in Greece at the same time as me. And immediately after I’d taken this shot, I found another Aussie, the talented Claire Baxter.

…which of course meant a little creative shelf rearranging was called for…


Finding these books on the racks was like running into good friends, and it made my day.


Before I go, I’m going to leave you with another taste of Santorini – this one taken from a similar position on the terrace as the second photo in the last post, but this time at sunset – here goes…



Awesome, eh? It’s my first trip to Santorini, and I can honestly say it won’t be my last:-))

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Great photos. Enjoy the trip and thanks for posting!

Comment by Daniel

Sure you didn’t find any koalas?

Honestly, Trish, how on earth are you ever going to want to come home again after this? Those photos are simply beautiful.

Comment by Yvonne Lindsay

Thanks for posting these photos, Trish, and thanks for the shelf arranging!

Gorgeous views. Looks and sounds like you’re having a great time on your well-earned holiday.


Comment by Claire Baxter

Love the sunset photo 🙂

Yep, I also wish I’d had a school excursion to Crete *sigh* the most “exciting” place we visited was Canberra!

BTW – Love how you rearranged the books – LOL

Comment by Joanne

Thanks Daniel, Yvonne, Claire and Joanne for dropping by! Glad you’re enjoying the pics.

And no, Yvonne, not one koala here! How odd. though I did see a Koala Bar in Rome – must be the Aussie drinking hole:-))

In Heraklion today, before heading back to UK. See you then!

Comment by Trish Morey

I did a night shift on Thursday and a lady was reading Robyn Grady. I sooo wanted to put my hand up and say I know her, but I took temperature instead and said “good book!” To which she nodded. Still, it is nice to run into old friends x
Have fun

Comment by carol marinelli

Carol, I love it when I see someone reading a book by a fabulous writer I know! I get a real buzz when that happens. Like the buzz I got when we went back to Heraklion and I checked out the display of books and all Claire’s, Linda’s and Carol’s were gone! Clearly people in Crete have great reading taste as well (or maybe it was just my creative shelf rearranging – lol)

Back in the UK today and it feels like coming home. Carol, we trained it through London on our way back from Gatwick airport and good olde London town looked pretty gorgeous under an 18C sunny sky.

One more day here before we leg it for Doha and Qatar. Still wonderful things to come but at the same time, heading to Doha means we’re on the way home. And after so many days on the road, I can’t imagine being in just one place. I’m sure going to appreciate not living out of a suitcase though:-))

Comment by Trish Morey

Can’t believe you’re almost on the last leg. Sad, no doubt, but then there is the not-packing-suitcase-every-other-day advantage.

See you on our side of the world soon,

Comment by Bronwyn Jameson

Yay for our authors – great display too! And you’re rearranging on the other side of the world too Trish. LOL!! Love it!

Comment by Eleni Konstantine

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