Koalas spotted in Qatar!
October 12, 2008, 2:14 pm
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I kid you not – there are koalas in Doha, Qatar. I saw them today. Here they are…


Qatari koalas galore!

Qatari koalas galore!


Well, okay, maybe they’re adorning the front of cereal packets( a cereal I’ve never seen back home)  in a supermarket display but the real thing probably wouldn’t fare too well in these climes.  Not to mention there’s not a gum tree within a month of cooees!

While our Doha stopover didn’t get off to a good start – more about that later, I’m still steaming! – it is a fascinating place. But right now revisions beckon. Holler more like it.  So, to work.

See you soon!

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Trust you to find the koalas Trish, even if they are the cereal kind, lol. What a fantastic holiday you’ve had. I especially loved the photos of Santorini, such a gorgeous part of the world. Hope you’re not too exhausted from your travels when you get home.


Comment by Sharon F

Hi Sharon, home soon, currently at Doha International Airport waiting for our flight to Singapore. You won’t believe this, but I saw more koalas today! One of them, the ugliest koala I’ve ever seen :-))Hope to post pics from Singapore, where we’ve a few hours layover.

Comment by trishmorey

Ooh, you’re almost on your way home to the real koalas. I imagine that’s bittersweet, longing for home and yet having to say goodbye to fabulous travels. Can’t wait to read all the stories inspired by these past weeks.


Comment by Bronwyn Jameson

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