Home Sweet Home
October 20, 2008, 11:14 pm
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We arrived home safely last week, battled with jet lag and (in my case) revisions and a growing sense of disbelief that we were finally home with six bags and four children present and correct, and life is once again starting to settle down into some kind of rhythm. The girls are back at school, the man of the house is back at work and I’m back to my very own washing machine, instead of hunting the streets and alleyways of foreign cities for a laundromat. Life is good :-))

Found a mountain of mail waiting for us, including a Downunder box of the Her Latin Lover anthology and the cover is fabulous! Here it is…

Her Latin Lover - Downunder

Her Latin Lover - Downunder

It’s on the shelves right now, along with The Italian Boss’s Mistress of Revenge.

I also promised you some more pictures of koalas from Doha – couldn’t upload them in Singapore as had to pay for wireless access and anyway, I was busy with revisions while the family slept all around me in the transit hotel (very sad, I know). So without further ado, here they are.

Spotted in a posh hotel loo...
Spotted in a posh hotel loo…a baby change table
The ugliest koalas in the world
Spotted in Doha Duty free – the ugliest koalas in the world


Aren’t they  just! They look like they have some terrible nasal/chin affliction. Can’t think why anyone would buy one of those. I have some much more interesting pictures of Doha to upload – just having a wee problem with uploads so I’ll make it another post, but it was a fascinating place.
Stay tuned!

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OMG, yes. Those poor koalas could only be loved by their mothers. We have those baby change tables here in NZ, too, in public loos etc. I always think of you when I see them 😉

Have to say I absolutely adore that down under cover for the anthology. Too sexy for words!

Comment by Yvonne Lindsay

LOL Yvonne, although I’m not quite sure what to think after being told you always think of me in public loos…:-))

And isn’t that cover just gorgeous? Very happy camper here. A washing machine to call my own, a sexy cover, what more does a gal need?

Comment by trishmorey

Welcome home!

And what a hot cover!

Comment by Kimberly Lang

Thanks Kimberley, it’s lovely to be home! And isn’t it a great cover – I’m totally chuffed.

Comment by Trish Morey

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