London Pics!
November 7, 2008, 3:20 am
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Not sure where all the koalas are lately but they’ve been hiding in the treetops, playing hard to spot. They could of course, all be working hard on their manuscripts, which this little black duck should be doing, now that the beastly tax returns have been done and lodged. I have started a new manuscript – honest! – but progress is slow – I’m at that working out stage and still joining the dots before I can dive in and be really happy with how it’s shaping up. It’s actually an exciting, but frustrating process waiting for those lightbulbs to go off and I’ve found, impossible to rush. Best to think about something else or go for a good long walk to jog the grey matter.

Which is why I’m playing with my blog! It’s wild and windy outside, so instead of walking, I thought it was high time I posted some of our travel pics, this time from London town. It was quite a nice day we spent wandering around, although the photos don’t do it justice. We were amazingly lucky not to have a repeat of that Stonehenge weather anywhere.

The photos took forever to upload – hope they don’t on your computer! – but I did manage to sneak out while waiting and take the pooch for a walk and spotted one koala, so they’re out there. Hope they’re hunkered down now as that wild wind has brought rain and it’s cold outside.

Oh, and the book is finally coming along a treat too! Think that walk shook something loose:-))


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I hope that’s all the walk shook loose, Trish! Neat photos. Have you ever wondered what would happen if the statues came to life? Or whether they do when people aren’t looking?

Comment by yvonnelindsay

Great pics! It’s making me turn green just looking at them.

Comment by robyn

Yvonne, have you been watching Dr Who? That series where the angel statues moved has to be one of the scariest. They only moved when you weren’t watching. “Don’t blink!” LOL, it’s a scary concept to be sure.

And hey Robyn, lovely to see you here! Glad you enjoyed the photos. Compared to the others we took they look very dull and definitely not picture postcard stuff. But they still bring back some great memories (except, I admit, the spinning London Eye thingy. I could not go up that, I did not go up that and the above ground level shots were from my girls’ cameras. ) While they launched, I lunched, with other Mills and Boon authors at the Association of Mills & Boon authors. Fabulous lunch. We dined on the first floor and given I have a head for heights -not- this suited me down to the ground:-))

Photos coming soon!

Comment by trishmorey

Oh my goodness, yes! I’ve seen that episode, but I’ve always been edgy around statues. Especially onces like in your “City of London” shot. So much leashed power in the marble…scary 😉

I look forward to hearing more about the AMBA lunch. The blogs have been scarce on the fun this year.

Comment by yvonnelindsay

That’s true, Yvonne, they are kind of scary like that, especially the dragons etc in London. Actually the gorgons and gargoyles around Notre Dame are pretty scary too. I bought some amazing old black and white postcards of them from a little stall on the Seine when we were in Paris. Dunno what it is about them, but they really appealed to me, scary little critters. Must scan and share them… once I work out where did I put that pile of stuff…

AMBA pics still coming. Currently wrestling with ms – ms is winning!

Comment by trishmorey

” Dr Who? That series where the angel statues moved has to be one of the scariest.”

It’s my all time favorite, I think. I used to love looking at statues, but now… I watch them. LOL.
Am loving the London pics.
More wiggle-galz, please.

Comment by Anne Gracie

Anne, another Dr Who fan? Isn’t it just fabulous? And that episode, “Blink” was apparently written by Stephen Moffat, who also wrote Coupling. Any wonder it was so good!

Will see what I can do about more wiggle-galz forthwith:-)

Comment by trishmorey

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