The AMBA lunch
November 14, 2008, 5:12 am
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I did promise you some pics of the AMBA (Assoc’n of Mills & Boon Authors) lunch, held in London in September – already 2 months ago – cannot believe it! However, having a look over them, I fear they’re going to be a huge disappointment. Not because of who is in them, but because of how sparse they are and because of what I didn’t capture – I’m sorry, I was too busy chatting with authors and editors and having a great time and most of the photos I did take turned out blurry (and that was before the wine, I swear!)

But for what it’s worth, here’s the first couple…

Presents authors, Jennie Lucas and Abby Green

Fellow Harlequin Presents authors and thoroughly lovely people, Jennie Lucas and Abby Green. The steps lead upstairs to the room where we had lunch at Brown’s Restaurant, Covent Garden. Very special. Very enjoyable. Very Brit.
authors at lunch

authors at lunch

And here’s a pic of a whole load of us at lunch. Pity the windows were behind and it didn’t come out well but I can see Kate Walker and Fiona Harper amongst the crowd. Lunch was gorgeous of course – an entree of goats cheese, a main of chicken in tomatoes and a chocolate dessert to die for.
Couldn’t resist it in fact. Here it is in all its unbridled glory…
 Clearly this is a “before” shot. I’m not exactly sure what it was called but there wasn’t a lot left after:-))
The AMBA days are a fabulous opportunity to get together with other Mills & Boon authors with the editorial team from the Richmond office and they certainly make visiting authors and other various blow ins feel incredibly welcome. Writing is such a solitary job, everyone tapping away in their own little office or corner of a bedroom or on the kitchen table or even outside in the sunshine on a nice day,  and it’s so great to be able to catch up face to face with everyone. I think there should be more of it, but then I’d probably get nothing done.
And there’s a manuscript that needs doing. Next time, photos from Conwy Castle. Gorgeous spot in Wales. Till then, take care and happy reading!

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Had a wonderful time seeing you in London, Trish. Thanks for the photo! It’s fun to remember that fabulous week. Any chance you’ll go again?

Comment by Jennie Lucas

Hi Jennie! It was so great to have the chance to catch up with you again after Nationals in San Fran this year – I’m so glad yours was one of the photos that actually came out!

And I’d love to go again. Only trouble is, it is just so far from Australia. One day though…:-))

Comment by trishmorey

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