Trish Moreyova rides again

Thought I’d share with you my two latest translations – one from that favourite haunt of authors (because they give us names that sound like we should be playing at Wimbledon), the Czech Republic. Here it is…

Australska perla

Australska perla

 Isn’t it romantic? Of course, the name is a dead give away. It’s A Virgin for the Taking, or what I refer to as my Broome book, and the story of Ruby Clemenger, the last of the three Clemenger sisters.

Such a change from the Aussie and the Hebrew covers, which if you missed them, are here…

The Broome book

The Broome book

Possibly the worst cover in history

The same book, with very possibly the worst cover in history


Amazing, eh? Honestly, you never know what’s going to drop into your mail box when you’re a Harlequin Mills & Boon author. And here’s the latest  from France, where they publish very tasteful editions indeed.


The Koutoufides book
The Koutoufides book

Sous le charme d’un ennemi. Isn’t it lovely? Only out in November, I really wish I’d seen it on the shelves in Paris when I was so recently there.  

Apparently it translates as “Under the Charm of an Enemy” which beautifully encapsulates the conflict for both Alex Koutoufides and Saskia Prentice.                                                    

Covers are a lot of fun, and one of those special things that make long writing days worth it. It’s very humbling to know that a story that found its roots in a flash of inspiration in a sunny little office in the Adelaide Hills is published all around the world.  It seems that whatever language people speak, the language of romance and love is the same the world over and let’s face it, that’s one of the very best things to have in common.

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