Welcome Leo!
November 30, 2008, 7:33 am
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He’s here! And the name the girls have decided is Leo, because of his unusual spots on his body and stripes on his tale. So of course he gets named after a lion – lol! But it suits him.

Here he is again…

Leo the cat

Leo the cat

We’ve started the interesting business of introducing him to the other animals. Tinky, our oldest cat, stared it down from the other side of the screen door mesh. Chino the spoodle took fright if it came closer than six inches (once a coward…) and Hugo, Tinky’s daft and it’s-all-about-me son probably won’t notice for a few months. Lucky two of the girls are now on holidays and the others start in two weeks, so kitten duty is down to them.

Should be fun and games for a while!

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OH MY GOSH he is adorable.


Comment by Yondette

Lovely the kitty dynamics, and yes, he definitely is a Leo. Too cute!

Comment by yvonnelindsay

Hiya Yondette! Great to hear from you, I hope you enjoy the new pics just posted. And Yvonne too! It must be Kiwi day on the Koala blog:-))

Leo’s settling in really well. Shame they don’t stay this small and cute, but then again, not sure the furnishings would be up to the challenge. He’s already working out he can climb vertically up anything fabric:-(

Comment by trishmorey

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