Paris in the Autumn
December 5, 2008, 9:13 am
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Thought it was high time I shared some more holiday snaps, so today is the turn of Paris! We had a fabulous two weeks in England and then spent four nights in France, two of them at EuroDisney, so our time in Paris itself was way too short. We did the obligatory double decker bus tour to refamiliarise ourselves with the city (and apologies in advance for the picture quality, as a load of these were taken from the moving bus), we did a lot of walking, we ventured up the Eiffel Tower to check out the view and we ate a lot of bread and cheese. A lot:-)

And we took a stack of photographs. The weather doesn’t look brilliant in these, although I can’t remember it being cold or raining.  I hope you enjoy them despite the cloudy skies.

Paris was wonderful. A too brief visit but we covered a lot of ground. And probably our worst mistake was to go to a pasta restaurant one night. With 4 nights in Rome to come, we must have been nuts!

But our apartment on the Rue Etienne Marcel (though not the one we booked) worked out well and I cannot fault the breads, croissants and cheeses.  Not to mention the wines. Simply delish!


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Hi Trish,
The pic with the missing name – 2nd row – looks like La Madeleine to me. I have a photo just like it.

Comment by Claire Baxter

*sigh* I want to go there. Stunning photos Trish.

Comment by Eleni Konstantine

Claire, you’re absolutely right! La Madeleine it is. La Madeleine is the church dedicated to Mary Magdalene and built from about 1757 – and Mary Magdalene’s is right there on the outside, I should have looked closer. Thank you so much for jogging my memory. Gorgeous building deserved a name.

And Eleni, you must visit Paris one day. Everyone should. Trouble is, there are so many wonderful places in this world to visit. It’s just lucky for us that in this day and age that we can share the pictures that others have taken and enjoy the sights by proxy. It’s not the same as being there, of course, but it sure beats missing out completely.

I’m so glad you enjoyed this snippet of Paris, Eleni!

Comment by trishmorey

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