December 14, 2008, 1:11 pm
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One of the things that’s been on my *must do* list forever was to visit the ancient city of Pompeii.  Buried under ash falls from the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in AD 79 and only uncovered in the last couple of centuries, Pompeii is  a totally preseverved example of  how live was in ancient Roman times.

While we were in Rome, we took the opportunity of a day trip down to visit the ancient ruins. Here’s a few of our pics.

It’s an amazing place to visit. While most cities move on through the ages, the old overtaken by the new, Pompeii is a city frozen in time. 

In such a beautiful setting, nestled against the Bay of Naples and with Mt Vesuvius providing such a glorious backdrop, it’s easy to see it was a beautiful place to live, but how frightening must have been those days when the volcano erupted? And how fatal for so many.

It’s  very atmospheric setting and if you’re visiting anywhere nearby,  you just can’t miss it.

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I agree Trish – it’s such an amazing place! The whole feel of it. Seeing the paved roads, seeing the ashed encased bodies, and an aristocrat’s house with some very ‘interesting’ artwork. LOL!

Comment by Eleni Konstantine

Oh yeah, Eleni, very interesting artwork… It seems there’s nothing new under the sun, or the ash for that matter.

And it’s certainly got an atmosphere about it. Definitely a must see if anyone gets the chance.

Comment by trishmorey

It’s a ‘piazza’ in Italy. Plaza is a Spanish word….

Comment by Jane

Thanks Jane for the clarification. I should have realised.

Much appreciated.

Comment by Trish Morey

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