Dropping like flies
February 8, 2009, 3:19 am
Filed under: koalas

Koalas live high up in trees. They’re safe there from predators, dogs and foxes, and they’re safe from people too. They eat gum leaves, particularly the fresh young tips, from which they obtain most of their water requirements. But not lately. The weather’s been so hot, our koalas are suffering (as we are and we’re not wearing a thick furry coat) and they’re going looking for water. 

Last Thursday while out walking, I came across this fellow at the base of a tree. Dehydrated and too weak to climb.


Poor love was desperate for a drink and a cool down and now he has half a dozen locals looking after him. After a shocking couple of days where the temperatures soared into the forties again, it’s cooler today and hopefully even the wildlife is getting some relief.

For some more cute photos of koalas doing things you wouldn’t normally expect to see koalas doing, check out this link to ninemsn that fellow Presents author, Carol Marinelli, sent me …


Too cute!

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