Trish Morey is a Sun girl!
February 11, 2009, 12:51 pm
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That’s one scary headline, but it’s not as bad as it sounds.  Honest.:-)

I had some fabulous news overnight – Mills & Boon had a two page Valentine’s Day spread in the Sun newspaper in the UK on Tuesday Feb 10 and  it featured a short story of mine, Falling  For Nick. This short story had appeared in the 2008 M&B Annual and it’s a favourite of mine. Lovely that it’s gone out to such a big audience.

And in other news, I received my first Afrikaans translation today! You might remember Die baas se Kersbaba as The Boss’s Christmas Baby.



So far my books seem to have reached 30 countries in 21 languages, and that just seems amazing to me. It’s always fabulous to find a new country my stories reach. Romance truly is a  universal language.

As an aside, I haven’t touched on it here before, but this has been a tough week for Aussies with bushfires and their tragic aftermath being played out in neighbouring Victoria, but sometimes there are pictures that make you smile. This is one of them.

Really touching stuff. And in a ps to my blog the other day – the koala I found at the base of a tree is now back up top. It’s not much but it is good news for him. I think it’s important we make a difference, wherever we live, however we can.

Take care all.

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Wow – that’s great news Trish!!! Congrats! 🙂

I love the photo of Sam the Koala, such a happy story amongst so many sad ones. The tragedy of the bushfires here in Victoria has been heartbreaking 😦

Comment by Joanne

It is heartbreaking, Joanne, and it’s awful to think that once again Victoria is under extreme bushfire threat today and for the foreseeable future. When is it going to rain this end of Australia?

Comment by trishmorey

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