Trish goes Manga!
April 16, 2009, 6:45 am
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One of the best things about this job is receiving translations from all around the world. At last count my books have been translated into 21 languages and published in thirty plus countries, and it’s always exciting when a new one pops in.

I’ve had Japanese translations before – they do beautiful covers, very pretty – but today’s translation was even more special. It’s a Manga, or Japanese comic style version of The Spaniard’s Blackmailed Bride, and it’s utterly, utterly gorgeous!

Here’s the cover


Isn’t Diablo perfect! Inside they’ve got him with his hair pulled into a ponytail and he’s just like I pictured him, dark, devastatingly handsome and definitely dangerous. And no wonder he fell for Briar, just check out those eyes! Definitely a love match:-))

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Yay, Trish! Love the manga. How cool is that? Very, very appealing cover. Am looking forward to seeing inside too.


Comment by Annie West

Thanks Annie! Don’t they do gorgeous covers? Speaking of which, I went looking for yours on your website and I couldn’t find it. Where are you hiding it?

Comment by Trish Morey

How cool is that Trish! You are in Magna-land. Lovely cover as well.

Comment by Eleni Konstantine

Hey, Trish, cool manga cover! Congratulations!

Comment by Anna Campbell

Cute Manga cover, looking forward to seeing the comic.


Comment by Sharon F

Hey Eleni, thanks for dropping by. Aren’t those characters so pretty?

And Anna, lovely to see you here too! Would be very cool to see your books as Manga!

Comment by trishmorey

Hi Sharon! Wait till you see the puppy, totally adorable with his flappy ears and long tongue. Very cute.

Comment by trishmorey

What a lovely cover – congrats!

Comment by Joanne

Thanks Joanne, isn’t it pretty? It’s just one of those things that makes you smile.

Comment by Trish Morey

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