Out in Arabic!
July 25, 2009, 6:12 am
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Almost as exciting as receiving my first Manga edition, one of those little white envelopes dropped into the post office the other day and I was thrilled to find my first Arabic translation!

TSBB - Arabic

Isn’t it lovely! And I can even tell from the cover which book it is. The Spaniard’s Blackmailed Bride. That Spaniard sure gets around. What’s that line on the right hand side, I hear you ask. I’m glad you did. That’s the spine of the book. Yup, this is anotheree of those, like Japanese and Hebrew, that reads from what we consider the back to the front. Interesting, eh?

I love seeing the different versions of the same book. It’s amazing to think that a story written here finds its way to so many corners of the world. It truly shows how universal romance is.

Here’s the Manga cover of the same book again, just for fun…

manga front


And here’s the same in its Presents format…

TM - The_Spaniard's_Blackmailed_Bride_Cover




I think I love them all!


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How cool Trish. They all have that something special don’t they.

Comment by Eleni Konstantine

It’s amazing, Eleni, to see how the different countries interpret the story via the cover. You’re right, they’re all special!

Comment by trishmorey

Gee, I think you will have smiles all round, Trish. Those damn sexy handsome devils. Ho hum.. if only I can dream. YUP… in your novels. 🙂

Comment by Suzanne

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