Hello possum!
September 15, 2009, 9:00 am
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I haven’t been writing about koalas lately, or reporting koala sightings when I go out walking, simply because there are so many of them lately. I don’t know if they’re breeding up a storm up in those gum trees, but most days I’ll spot at least two, and if I kept saying that, it might get a tad repetitive.  Here’s one I prepared earlier, just to refresh your memory… 

koala close up

This little baby was being nursed by my mum after falling out of a tree. I could never be a koala – much too scared of heights!
Today we  had a new visitor at our house. Another baby my mother’s looking after until it finds a new mum, and not a koala this time, or a kangaroo, but a wee baby possum. It was found a few weeks ago being harrassed by dogs, its mother nowhere to be found.  Here it is, looking plump and healthy and sitting on a convenient shoulder…
Possum on shoulder

It looks quite large from that angle, but it’s no more than a  handful of fluff, its head no more than two inches across and the cutest, softest little pink nose! And here it is back in its pouch, where it feels safest…

possum in pouch

Awwww, can you say, cute?

I just love that my mum is involved in native animal rescue. We really do have the best close encounters.

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Awwww, hello possum!!! 🙂

Comment by Eleni Konstantine

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