Back in the Spaniard’s Bed – in The Latin Lover!
September 27, 2009, 9:35 am
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Because I’ve been remiss and haven’t updated my website for so long (mea culpa!), I haven’t posted an excerpt of Back in the Spaniard’s Bed, the novella that accompanies Lucy Monroe’s in the upcoming The Latin Lover October Presents release.  It’s been doing really well on this week – currently #1 Presents listing –  and I really want to thank everyone who’s bought it so far and kept that rating high.

Here’s the excerpt…

Chapter One 

Nobody walked out on Alejandro Rodriguez. Not business tycoons or CEO’s or poker-faced politicians. And definitely not women. Leah Mitchell was just going to have to get that through her head.

He watched her working through the window of her small dressmaking shop from his vantage point across the narrow street, her head down, totally focused on the task at hand, her fingers nimble and quick as they worked the fabric through the machine.

He remembered those fingers, long and slender like the woman herself, and he remembered how they’d once worked their skilful magic on him…

He missed them.

He growled, low in his throat, a familiar thumping demand building below. Soon, he knew, soon he would feel her hands weave their magic upon him once again.

All of a sudden those same fingers stilled and she looked up, her eyes alert, searching the streetscape outside, the passing pedestrians and traffic, almost as if she’d sensed his presence. He smiled as he flipped the collar of his coat up against the unseasonable November cold. So she wasn’t over him? He’d suspected as much.

And he’d enjoy proving it to her.

He’d make her wish she’d never left him, make her beg for more.

And then he’d unceremoniously dump her.

The peak hour Sydney traffic was bumper to bumper along the narrow one-way street but somehow Alejandro forged a path through, parting the sea of cars like he had a god-given right, the tails of his long black coat swirling in his wake like the wings of a manta ray.

He was oblivious to the sound of car horns, oblivious to the calls from irate drivers to get off the road. Because right now his focus was on one thing and on one thing only – Leah Mitchell, and how he was going to get her back into his bed.

*     *     *

While I’m here, I’d love to share a  picture of  someone who could be Alejandro – here he is, none other than the entirely gorgeous Antonio Banderas, looking his ruthless best…

antonio long hair




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