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October 18, 2009, 3:24 am
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We live in the gorgeous Adelaide Hills where we’re always being visited by wildlife. We’ve had koalas, echidnas and even the odd kangaroo thumping around the balcony (in the dead of night, that is so not a sound that comforts you!). Yesterday we found a new friend, an injured Boobook owl, very groggy and scrabbling unsuccessfully to get to his feet.

We rushed him off to the emergency vet service that treats injured native animals and birds and farms them out to specialised carers in the native animal network while they recuperate. The vet called last night to say they think he must have flown into a window and knocked himself cold, which apparently they have a tendency to do.  Hopefully he’ll come good in the next couple of days and then the carer will bring him back here to release him.

We only have a photo of him lying doggo in a cat cage (that’s a pretty neat trick for an owl:-), but here’s a shot of how he should be looking, once he’s all patched up and ready to be returned to the wild…

boobook owl


Isn’t he a handsome bird?

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Oh what a beautiful looking owl. Hope the owly recuperates soon.

Comment by Eleni Konstantine

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