November 16, 2009, 11:20 am
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It’s been two weeks since I posted and I’m horrified I’ve neglected the blog that long. My apologies!  In my defence I sent off my completed ms a week ago and it’s taken a wee while to scrape my brain up off the floor and reassemble it. (Believe me, it feels like that:-)) In the end, after going through a thousand iterations of “The Italian’s Tropical Island Temptress” and “The Italian’s Mistress of Desire”, I simply called it “Prisoner in Paradise” so the wait is on to see if a) it makes the grade, and b) what the title ends up being if it does! Never a dull moment here.

But the ms is done and while I’m waiting on the inevitable feedback, it’s been great to catch up on the mundane stuff like tax returns (seriously, it’s great to catch up on them when you’re so late!) bills and life in general. Even grocery shoppingand ironing looks interesting when you emerge out of deadline:-))

Meanwhile Mills & Boon Australia has some great news! They’ve just started out on Facebook, so maybe you might like to drop in and see what’s happening here! They have big plans for the page and would no doubt love to see you there.

This weekend I’m about to head north to the Sunshine Coast of Queensland for a wee bit of R’N’R with a few fabulous girlfriends, and look forward to a good dollop of research into the deal. Nothing like traveling to a gorgeous destination to get those creative juices flowing:-))

But meanwhile I’d like to leave you with another glorious shot of the inspiration for my latest hero – his name is Andrea Zanchini and he never quite made it into my ms wearing this gear although to my credit, I swear I tried  (and actually he makes it wearing much less in some scenes:-)) but I thought he was so lovely I should share…

andrea zanchini with bare chest and leathers


Enjoy!! In moderation, I should think…  Can’t be healthy to overindulge, you reckon?

What do you mean, you don’t care?



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Hmm…sorry you were saying something Trish?

congrats on finishing the book. Enjoy the sunshine coast.

Did you really put a warning label re overindulgence? … sorry got distracted again.


Comment by Eleni Konstantine

He is lovely, isn’t he Eleni:-))

No wonder he was such fabulous inspiration for my hero.

Sunshine Coast happening in 0-33 hours.

But who’s counting?

Comment by trishmorey

Congrats on finishing your mss – I’m sure it’s fabulous!!

Have a wonderful (well deserved) break in Qld 🙂

Comment by Joanne

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