Fab Feb

So I’ve been working away on the latest ms, waiting impatiently (and pointlessly) for my new Dell 11.6″ mini ordered three long weeks ago to arrive. Meanwhile koala situation is good! Haven’t reported on those for a while, because it seemed like we were in a bit of a koala glut, then they all waddled away somewhere and I missed them. anyway, good news is two spotted on my walk today – and then another because there was one near my mum’s place on a  quick visit before the dentist:-( (I mean, good news about the koalas, less good about the need for dentist, but then it’s six months before I have to go back, so that’s good news too)

Dell still hasn’t arrived.  Wondering if I should have ordered something other then Dell but colleague is having problems with Sony. Maybe it’s time to rekindle my brief affair with apple?

So that’s where I”m at, more than halfway through Feb. The month would be totally forgettable if not for the brilliant readers who’ve emailed me to let me know they’re enjoying His Mistress for a Million! Because then it really doesn’t matter what’s happening re frustrations with global businesses or fillings needing a makeover, it’s so amazingly wonderful to hear that someone somewhere in the world has loved your book.

Thank you so much!

I’ll be back soon, to post covers of The Dark Hearted Desert Men mini continuity. I love my cover to bits (it’s on my website home page, if you haven’t seen it – totally gobsmackingly gorgeous) The entire series promises to be wonderful and it kicks off in April in the US, so stay tuned!

And here’s hoping your February, wherever you are in the world,  is treating you like a queen.


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