Retreat in paradise
March 24, 2010, 11:22 pm
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I’m back from my writing retreat and now deep in the latest manuscript.  It’s fabulous going on retreat, meeting up with a great bunch of writers and buckling down to the business of writing.

This was our fourth year at it and we’ve discovered that we need the ocean. One year we went to a gorgeous country town in Victoria, and it was lovely, but there’s something so wonderful about having the swoosh and crash of the waves to lull you to sleep. So for the past two years, we’ve lobbed into Coogee, one of Sydney’s fabulous beaches. Here’s a few shots to show you what inspiration looked like…

It’s a gorgeous bay, very popular of course with the locals, and besides the beaches, there are lovely rock swimming pools dotted around the shore, so if waves aren’t your thing or you have littlies,  there’s a calm, safe alternative nearby.

We all had separate rooms complete with desk so we could write in privacy and every room featured a balcony that faced the sea. This was the view from my balcony one morning as darkness peeled away ready for the new day.

Most mornings I walked along the cliff walk to clear my head before starting work. On the last morning I saw the dawn in with a swim that was simply magic. Here’s a couple of shots of the cliffs coloured with the rising sun-

The colours were beautiful, it seemed around every corner there was another fabulous vista.  Here’s part of the cliff that I loved simply because the rocks had seemingly tumbled down and placed themselves with such casual abandon – and I love that they left the sticky out bit at the top.

Those rocks down below were massive. I can’t imagine the noise they would make coming down.

Here’s anotheree of the beach, this time during a bit of rain squall – the dark clouds had been hanging ominously around but there was a reward for all the gloom and damp with a stunning double rainbow – unfortunately the camera doesn’t show how vivid it really was –

Honestly, I didn’t spend all my time gazing out the window or going on strolls along the coast, it was a working retreat and we did work. We talked about the craft of writing and talked industry and trends, we brainstormed each others’ plots and we challenged each other with writing exercises to warm up the muse. And we wrote, disappearing into our caves between fabulous lunches and dinners to work on our latest!

I could show you pictures of us at work but photos of people writing are not that interesting<g>, so instead, I’ll share my very favourite photo, and yes, it’s another shot from the balcony. Just after dawn with the sun peeking out behind a bank of clouds.

And now, after fiddling around with my inspirational pics, it’s time to say goodbye to Coogee (until August and conference time, when I’ll be back!) and get stuck into the wip. My hero is about to whisk my heroine off to his gorgeous mansion by the sea, lucky duck! I’m jealous already:-)


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Absolutely stunning Trish! What a place to work your magic at 🙂

Comment by Eleni Konstantine

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