Winter solstice

It’s winter time Downunder, and today and tomorrow we see the shortest days of the year. There’s still heaps of cold wintry weather to come, but I love it when the days start getting longer and it’s not pitch black when you have to crawl out of bed in the mornings.

I’ve missed posting for a couple of weeks while I caught up (or tried to) on life, the universe and everything, and while I’ve been busy, my latest release, Forbidden: The Sheikh’s Virgin, has been a very busy little camper indeed! Already it’s spent two weeks at #3 on the Borders Group Bestseller Series list in the US and it’s also made the USA Today Bestseller list! That’s my second appearance in the USA Today list this year, following His Mistress for a Million’s fabulous two weeks on the list in March!

Thanks to all who’ve gone out and bought my books and made this possible. The feedback I’ve had from readers has been just fabulous, so I hope you have enjoyed these stories too.

In latest news, my most recent manuscript has been accepted! Currently titled, His Child, Her Baby (this could change), this book will be on the shelves in the UK in March 2011.

And now, because it’s a wee bit chilly Downunder, and to celebrate our winter solstice, here’s a lovely short flick to warm you up featuring the gobsmackingly gorgeous James Purefoy . Gosh, some people are clever. I really appreciate the lengths some people go to in order to create for me a little inspiration – hope it’s inspiring for you too!

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