August 26, 2010, 4:16 am
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I’ve been absent a while finishing off a book and then attending the Romance Writers of Australia conference at Coogee Beach (which is becoming a familiar theme in my blogs:-) and I’ve just changed computers too, so apologies for the delay between posts. I’ve actually made the switch (back) to Macs from years of PC’s so there’s a few little things to get used to, yet remarkably similarities to my very first computer, a gorgeous little (and I mean little!) Mac Classic.

It looked just like this one – in fact I still have it downstairs. It’s much too cute to throw away, and besides, I had a fondness for the computer on which I typed my very first manuscript, even if it never did and will never sell.¬†Computers have come a little way since then! So glad I don’t have to stare at a black and white 9 inch screen all day any more!

And now I have photos from the conference loaded onto this new, improved computer, I’ll post some shortly!

Oh, and if you happen to be in Australia or New Zealand, my latest book is now on the shelves (or coming very soon!) His Prisoner in Paradise is an HM&B Sexy September release.

I just love the cover. Here’s the blurb…

Imprisoned… and pleasured!

Merciless Daniel Caruana will do anything to prevent his sister marrying his nemesis! It just so happens that her wedding planner is the groom’s sister – and in the flesh, despite her prim clothes, Miss Sophie Turner is very tempting.

And eye for an eye, a sister for a sister…

Daniel will have Sophie exactly where he wants her – trapped on his private island and willing in his bed! But when Daniel realises that true love does exist, it’s not just his sister who is in trouble…


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Welcome back to MacLand Trish. And just look at the Classic – well it’s a classic. I’m only a couple of years Mac convert but I love it.

Congrats on your new release and yes love that cover.

Comment by Eleni Konstantine

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