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January 13, 2012, 1:39 am
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I’m in between books at the moment – that lovely heavenly place where I get to catch up on life, the universe and taxes. I’m three months behind with my September quarterly return and now my December return is due too. Urk.

And just to show I can procrastinate my way around tax returns just as super-inefficiently as I can around my writing, I was happily off trawling websites for – well, anything really, that would take my mind of said overdue taxes and a bazillion receipts from last year’s overseas adventure. Blissfully, I found this!

It’s tiny I know, but procrastinate by hook or by crook, I could not find a bigger picture of the cover, but I did find this, a delicious title, Lovers in Crete, and discovered it’s my very first published book, The Greek Boss’s Demand, now available in Manga!

And to go with such a delicious title, I think we need a delicious blurb – here is is, courtesy of Google Translate…

“Alex opened the door to my office first suspected. Black hair and imposing appearance in front of your eyes … Certainly Nick Santos.Goodbye cruel and resurrection every day is spent nine years ago in Crete, Alex’s chest tightened. But he should have moved the imperial family’s home in Greece. Wonder why Sydney real estate companies are in something. The answer is found soon. It came as a successor of the late president. It impossible to work under him at Nantes. Datte, since it is known there is not a secret.”

Sigh. They really don’t write them like that any more:-))

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Congrats on another Manga, Trish. As for the translation, well, I think they do direct translation rather than context translation in Google. Very interesting to see though 🙂

Comment by Eleni Konstantine

Congrats, Trish. Love the translation!

Comment by Emmeline Lock

Thanks Eleni, I love those direct translations. That’s why they’re so much fun.

Emmeline, it’s a hoot – reminds me of navigating my way through instruction leaflets translated (loosely) into English.

Comment by trishmorey

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