A quick trip
February 7, 2012, 12:07 am
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We have a  full house now – our eldest daughter has moved home while she studies – and it’s crammed to the seams with 6 adults-sized people and all their belongings. So hubby and I have taken to disappearing for a weekend every now. It’s not really escaping. Not really…

Anyway, this last weekend we travelled down to one of SA’s southern ports, the gorgeous Beachport. It’s another coastal town settled in the 1800’s and filled with lovely old stone buildings of the era. Amazingly it wasn’t named Beachport because it’s a port on the beach, but after the then British Secretary of State for the Colonies, Michael Hicks Beach, 1st Earl of Aldwyn. Maybe they decided Hicksport didn’t have the right ring to it:-))

Here’s some pics of the town…


Isn’t it a lovely little town! And you just know you’re near the beach when you see those rows of Norfolk Island Pines.

So what else is there to find in Beachport? A fabulous 772m jetty that juts into Rivoli Bay(and which used to be 500m longer except it never worked like they planned so they shaved off almost one half – can you imagine a 1300m jetty!!). The timbers were creaking as we neared the end as it was, the bolts rusty and worn, and it was pretty blowy and chilly right out there so we were ready to turn around and walk right back, until we saw this fellow frolicking in the water (he appears in the gallery above too – I’m not sure why that happens when I didn’t mean it to, but he’s bigger here and much more fun:-) In the first he’s on his back rubbing his head with his fins and in the second, I caught him mid roll with his mouth open. He was quite the showman.










It moved much too quickly to get any really good shots, most of the time he was spearing away into the depths and the only evidence he was there was his trail of bubbles. Of course, it made the track out over creaking timbers so worthwhile, and even a couple of locals dropped in to check out the show. It was a great little getaway. What did you do last weekend?

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