February 11, 2014, 5:20 am
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Zoom. How did that happen?

Well, I’ve largely written off 2013, what with one thing and another (not to mention the fact it’s no longer with us), so I thought I’d wander over and update my website only to discover that it no longer recognises me because I haven’t been around for ooh, ages. 

So I thought I’d wander over here to blogsville, where the last time I attempted to post, just kept that little spinning coloured circle well, spinning. There’s a chance this might even work! 

So this is the year for getting on top of life, the universe and technology (and a bit of writing along the way) so watch out WWW, an update of exciting plans for 2014 is coming soon. Really soon. Soonish. It’s coming. 

(Just don’t hold your breath…)

Meanwhile happy 2014! There’s almost 11/12’s of it to go, so enjoy 🙂



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Congrats on Second Chance Bride!!!

Comment by dholcomb1

Hi Dianne! Thanks so much for your congratulations – I almost forgot about my blog :)) Thanks for the reminder! Cheers


Comment by trishmorey

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