Second Chance Bride is out now!

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How much do I love this cover? Isn’t she fabulous? I have to admit, I have cover love in a very serious way. And it’s available for just two days for 99c!


Here’s the blurb…


Scarlett Buck has always been flaky in comparison to her sensible twin sister Tara, so nobody is really surprised when Scarlett spends all her money on a one way ticket to Australia to be with the man she’s met on the Net. But she hasn’t reckoned on the guy already being married, or her mom getting sick, and now she needs money for a flight home to Marietta, MT—quick. Signing on with Bella’s Belles in Kalgoorlie isn’t be the proudest moment in her life but it will get her home fast. After all, it’s just sex.
Or is it?
Mitch Bannister’s ex is about to marry his best friend, and he could really do with a cold beer and a hot woman. But the cowgirl he takes a shine to at Bella’s is surprisingly skittish, and in the end he leaves without hooking up.
Later, when Mitch spies the cowgirl in the local pub begging for a job, he shrinks into the shadows–he’s not looking for complications, and something tells him that Scarlett Buck is a whole handful of them. But soon it’s clear she’s not just trouble, she’s in trouble, and like it or not, he’s not about to turn his back on this stray from the States. Especially if she can do him a favor in return. After all, it’s just a helping hand.
Or is it?

I absolutely adored writing this story – it was fun and sexy and the sparks really fly between Scarlett and Mitch – and there’s a lot of fun to be had along the way to their happily ever after. I hope you enjoy it too!!

And don’t forget – it’s just 99c for a day or two – so get in quickly! And while you’re checking out Amazon, make sure you look for Kelly Hunter’s What a Bride Wants – the first in the Montana Brides series and a fabulous read. Next up is Sarah Mayberry’s Almost a Bride, featuring Scarlett’s twin sister, Tara. Cannot wait for that one!








New Cover Goodness!
January 15, 2013, 12:22 am
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Coming in March

Coming in March

Out Downunder in February!

Out Downunder in February!

Was delighted to find these lovely new covers in my inbox this morning. Bartering Her Innocence is out simultaneously in the US, UK and Australia – I love that Harlequin Presents are going to simultaneous release!

Gorgeous Grooms contains a reissue of His Prisoner in Paradise and also includes books by two of my favourite authors, the fabulous Helen Bianchin and Anna Cleary.


Happy (near) New 2013!

Here’s wishing all my readers are recovering from a warm and wonderful festive season, and enjoying a fabulous start to 2013.

I’m sorry to say my website is still bogged down in password issues and still my website says welcome to 2012 ( I should never have switched computers, I swear!) so it’s a wee (!) bit behind. Rest assured a new website is coming in 2013, but if you do want to catch up with the very latest Trish Morey news, make sure you friend me and check in to my Facebook page – I am much better at keeping up with what’s happening in Trishworld there!

A huge thank you to all my fabulous readers who have sent me emails about the first two stories in the Desert Brothers series, Duty and the Beast and The Sheikh’s Last Gamble. I’ve had more emails about these  two books than any others, and  most of them asking when they might be able to get their hands on the final two books in the Desert Brother’s series. I am delighted to say that Kadar and Rashid’s stories are happening this year and will be late 2013/early 2014 releases, all going well.

Meanwhile I have three new releases in the first six months of the new year, so lots to go on with! First up in January is Secrets of Castillo del Arco. This is a  book that’s already been released in the UK and Australia/New Zealand, but it’s new to North American shores, and I am delighted it’s getting a run around the block there. Here’s the blurb…

Secrets of Castillo del Arco

Reclusive billionaire Raoul del Arco’s deathbed promise to a friend haunts him. He swore to marry Gabriella D’Arenberg…but knows that taking her as his wife will only destroy her innocence.

Gaby has no idea that Raoul has sworn such an oath. And when he storms back into her life, he has a dark, dangerous edge she finds disturbingly alluring.

Now, trapped in Raoul’s gothic castillo, Gaby is paying the price of his promise. The key to her lavish prison? Succumbing to her new husband’s touch….


Secrets is followed closely by Bartering Her Innocence – which is out everywhere next month! February is the first month that Presents are going to simultaneous release in North America, the UK and Australia/New Zealand and it’s awesome! No more will readers have to wait for their favourite reads, already released half a world away. I’m so glad that’s happening.

Bartering Her Innocence - US

“I simply require you to share my bed.”

Luca Barbarigo has lain in wait for three long years, and is now ready to exact his revenge against Valentina Henderson. After one unforgettable night together, she left him with nothing but X-rated memories and the sting of her hand across his jaw. But they are the least of her crimes.…

Valentina swore she’d never see him again, but you don’t turn your back on Luca Barbarigo. Now she must confront the man who devastated her with only her innocence of his claims to barter… What will it cost her to walk away this time?

Phew, and that’s January and February. May sees the release of A Price Worth Paying?, a book set in the wonderful, gorgeous surrounds of San Sebastian in Spain, but May is far enough away to think I might even manage a post between now and then. Then again<g>. No, I will be good. I am a week away from a month’s travel in the middle east, and I will need to report in with pictures. That’s the plan!

Meanwhile love to all of you in 2013. May it be filled with good health, good humour and great times, hopefully spent with the people you love.

Talk soon (I promise!)


Duty and the Beast
February 16, 2012, 10:37 pm
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I confess, I’m shallow, I’m in love with a cover – the brand spanking new one for Duty and the Beast, out in Modern in the UK in May and out in NA in September as part of the Desert Brothers duo. (Book 2 in that duo, The Sheikh’s Last Gamble will be on shelf August in the UK, Sept in Oz, October in the US)




Blissful sigh…

And in other wonderful news, Fiancee for One Night is in its third week on Bookscan’s top 100 romances, so thank you to all my fabulous readers for making that possible!

Happy reading!

Manga Mania!
January 13, 2012, 1:39 am
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I’m in between books at the moment – that lovely heavenly place where I get to catch up on life, the universe and taxes. I’m three months behind with my September quarterly return and now my December return is due too. Urk.

And just to show I can procrastinate my way around tax returns just as super-inefficiently as I can around my writing, I was happily off trawling websites for – well, anything really, that would take my mind of said overdue taxes and a bazillion receipts from last year’s overseas adventure. Blissfully, I found this!

It’s tiny I know, but procrastinate by hook or by crook, I could not find a bigger picture of the cover, but I did find this, a delicious title, Lovers in Crete, and discovered it’s my very first published book, The Greek Boss’s Demand, now available in Manga!

And to go with such a delicious title, I think we need a delicious blurb – here is is, courtesy of Google Translate…

“Alex opened the door to my office first suspected. Black hair and imposing appearance in front of your eyes … Certainly Nick Santos.Goodbye cruel and resurrection every day is spent nine years ago in Crete, Alex’s chest tightened. But he should have moved the imperial family’s home in Greece. Wonder why Sydney real estate companies are in something. The answer is found soon. It came as a successor of the late president. It impossible to work under him at Nantes. Datte, since it is known there is not a secret.”

Sigh. They really don’t write them like that any more:-))

Very quick one
July 8, 2011, 2:24 am
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I’m deep in deadline hell here – amazing how quickly that comes around again – but just found this today lobbing into my inbox…

I suspect it’s the Japanese edition of His Mistress for a Million, which of course was sent largely on Santorini, but I’ll just have to wait for my copies to arrive to find out for sure. Isn’t it gorgeous!  Fog outside my office window today so the world around me is white. I think I want to be back on Santorini…

Okay, that’s playtime over, back to work!

A new translation!

It’s always a thrill to discover a new translation. There’s something magical about thinking your books are available on the shelf in a store somewhere over the other side of the world.

So far my books have been translated into something like 26 languages from Russian to Arabic to Korean and everything in between, and it’s always a buzz to find a new language into which you’ve been translated.

Here’s my latest buzz…

It’s the Filipino version of The Ruthless Greek’s Virgin Princess, retitled Falling for the Ruthless Tycoon, and you can find it for sale here.