More Manga Magic
July 29, 2010, 12:27 am
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I have to thank those Manga gods, discovering three new Manga editions in 2010 has made my month. I love romance, but Manga takes romance to another level entirely. You can’t help but feel good when you pick one up, and you don’t even need to understand Japanese – the artists are so talented, the pictures really do speak for themselves.

So here’s the cover of my July Manga – the story first published as The Boss’s Christmas Baby –


Hmmm, who does that hero look like?  The Doctor’s Christmas Baby anyone?:-)

And here’s a shot  from inside the covers…


I love that stocking scene! I had so much fun writing that and it looks like the artist had fun too (- although had to admit I am a tad worried about those Gold Coast shadows:-)

I can’t wait for these three editions to drop into my post office box. Thank you Manga gods!


Manga-licious part 2
July 28, 2010, 6:34 am
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Oh, how much do I love this cover! This is the Manga version of For Revenge…Or Pleasure?  – my plastic surgery story set in LA. Apparently the story is considered Romantic Suspense in this edition!

I don’t have any page shots to show you from this book, but just for comparison, here’s how the book appeared in the North American market back in June ’06.

North American version

Remember that cover treatement for the For Love or Money books? Which one do you prefer?

A new cover
May 22, 2010, 11:20 am
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Ah, as much fun as last weekend was, you know, it’s really nice to have a quiet one this weekend. I think all of us writers, while we all like a good party every now and then, like nothing better than descending back into that cave and hiding from the world:-))

I have to now anyway. My editor has got back to me with revisions on my latest manuscript and very cannily she has hit on the very points I had issues with, so I will be nose to the grindstone for the nest week or so. So glad Romancing the Novel is out of the way and I can concentrate on what this story needs to make it stronger.

Meanwhile I’ll leave you with my latest cover discovery -my August UK release – His Prisoner in Paradise – a story set on a gorgeous island off the North Queensland Coastline. I love how the cover pic has captured the coastline perfectly (along with the sunset and the passion sizzling between the two main characters:-))   Enjoy!

Fab Feb

So I’ve been working away on the latest ms, waiting impatiently (and pointlessly) for my new Dell 11.6″ mini ordered three long weeks ago to arrive. Meanwhile koala situation is good! Haven’t reported on those for a while, because it seemed like we were in a bit of a koala glut, then they all waddled away somewhere and I missed them. anyway, good news is two spotted on my walk today – and then another because there was one near my mum’s place on a  quick visit before the dentist:-( (I mean, good news about the koalas, less good about the need for dentist, but then it’s six months before I have to go back, so that’s good news too)

Dell still hasn’t arrived.  Wondering if I should have ordered something other then Dell but colleague is having problems with Sony. Maybe it’s time to rekindle my brief affair with apple?

So that’s where I”m at, more than halfway through Feb. The month would be totally forgettable if not for the brilliant readers who’ve emailed me to let me know they’re enjoying His Mistress for a Million! Because then it really doesn’t matter what’s happening re frustrations with global businesses or fillings needing a makeover, it’s so amazingly wonderful to hear that someone somewhere in the world has loved your book.

Thank you so much!

I’ll be back soon, to post covers of The Dark Hearted Desert Men mini continuity. I love my cover to bits (it’s on my website home page, if you haven’t seen it – totally gobsmackingly gorgeous) The entire series promises to be wonderful and it kicks off in April in the US, so stay tuned!

And here’s hoping your February, wherever you are in the world,  is treating you like a queen.


Mistress on the loose in the UK!
February 8, 2010, 11:40 am
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If you happen to be in the UK at the moment, you might like to keep an eye out for His Mistress for a Million.

This is my Santorini book, inspired by a visit in 2008. Such a beautiful Island, I knew it was the right place to set my humble housekeeper to bride story! I hope you look out for it. I love the cover – although the angle is a little funny – but it does give a taste of the wonderful sights you’ll see on Santorini. It really is a special place. If you’ve been before, I hope His Mistress for a Million brings back a few wonderful memories. If you haven’t been, then I’m sure you’ll be planning your own trip soon! With an amazing history, fantastic sights and the most spectacular sunsets anywhere, it really is the most romantic spot.

And if you’re in the US or Downunder, look out for His Mistress for a Million at or


Latest Cover
October 28, 2009, 10:58 pm
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Received a lovely package at the post office yesterday – the first hardback copies of my next release, His Mistress for a Million, and my first peek at the cover! Here it is…

His Mistress for a Million pink

Yes, I should learn how to crop<g>, but too excited not to post as is. What do you think?

What’s up?
October 18, 2009, 2:32 am
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While my next Presents isn’t out until February in the UK and March in US and ANZ – His Mistress for a Million – a story that transports you from cold and wintry London, to the magical Greek Island of Santorini and then home to the arid heat of the Australian outback – I do have more good news on the release front!

Harlequin Mills & Boon are reprinting my Broome book, A Virgin for the Taking, in a special release this coming December, VIRGIN: Wedded by a Billionaire, which features two other great titles as well – Anne Mather’s Seducing the Virgin and Carole Mortimer’s An Innocent Secret.

Here’s the gorgeous cover:-

Virgin - Wedded by a Billionaire

March and April also see re-releases in the UK, but more about them later.

Meanwhile, my October Bestsellers Collection is on the shelves Downunder, featuring two of my favourite stories, The Mancini Marriage Bargain and For Revenge…Or Pleasure?, so don’t miss out on that one if you missed those releases the first time around.