A new translation!

It’s always a thrill to discover a new translation. There’s something magical about thinking your books are available on the shelf in a store somewhere over the other side of the world.

So far my books have been translated into something like 26 languages from Russian to Arabic to Korean and everything in between, and it’s always a buzz to find a new language into which you’ve been translated.

Here’s my latest buzz…

It’s the Filipino version of The Ruthless Greek’s Virgin Princess, retitled Falling for the Ruthless Tycoon, and you can find it for sale here.


A fabulous review!
August 5, 2009, 11:22 pm
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For The Ruthless Greek’s Virgin Princess from Marilyn Shoemaker’s review site…

“Their romance is a beautiful dance and when their secrets are shared, when Yannis realizes the mistakes that were made and is astonished by Marietta’s talent, well hold your breath, it was incredible read as only Trish Morey can entertain her readers and fans.”

To read the whole review, go here!

And thank you Marilyn.  Mwah!

A new cover!

Spotted on Amazon.com today, the brand new cover of Forced Wife, Royal Love-Child, an April Harlequin Presents and Mills&Boon Modern release…


Forced Wife, Royal Love-Child


I’m really pleased with it.  It captures Raphael’s strength and Sienna’s gorgeous long hair and beautifully encapsulates the passion that surrounds them both.  Lovely!

Forced Wife, Royal Love-Child is the first of linked books set on my fictional Mediterranean Island of Montvelatte.  I love the Mediterranean, both to visit and to use as a setting for passionate Presents stories.  It has the colour and the heat, the glamour and the sheer beauty you expect in a Presents story and I had a lot of fun creating a Mediterranean island, complete with a rich history and legends of monsters and dark secrets.

The second in the duo, The Ruthless Greek’s Virgin Princess, will be out in August and begins and ends in Montvelatte, while the middle part of the action takes place in Hawaii, another gorgeous island setting. This is the story that I revised all the way around Europe and handed in just after I returned home. I have to say I was worried about writing so much of it on the road but I’ve just done the proofs and I love the way it’s come up! I hope you’ll look out for it later in the year and I really hope the cover gods are just as generous for that one!

I have a new title!
I have good news! The book I submitted just prior to leaving on our big trip and then revised all the way around Europe and home again has been accepted! The Ruthless Greek’s Virgin Princess will be an August ’09 Modern release!

The Ruthless Greek’s Virgin Princess is a linked story to Forced Wife: Royal Love-Child, out in April ’09 and is a reunion story and shows that things can be so much better second time around. I love reunion stories – the characters come with all sorts of barriers and angst they have to deal with on their road to love, making for a lovely complex story. And I loved the chance with this story to revisit the fictional Mediterranean Principality of Montvelatte where Forced Wife: Royal Love-Child is also set. I had a lot of fun coming up with the legends surrounding that Island. The Mediterranean is such a fascinating place to research – all sorts of things are possible!

And while I’m talking Montvelatte, I should mention that I’ll be doing an on-line read in association with Forced Wife’s release, so that’s something to watch out for in March.

But that’s all happening in ’09. A little bit closer is my appearance as guest blogger this coming 30th October on wonderful Harlequin Romance author, Liz Fielding’s blog! Liz is celebrating her 50th release in style, and I’m delighted to be invited to share in this special occasion. I’ll be blogging about a very special place we visited on our recent trip, and if you need any hints as to where, here’s one, taken just after sunset from our terrace…

guess where this is?

Hmm, that’s a toughie:-)) Make sure you drop in and visit as I’ll be asking a question about your favourite holiday destination and giving away copies of my latest releases, so don’t miss out!
Happy weekend!